Thursday, November 5, 2015


by Sparkle Abbey

Change. This past Sunday we had a book signing for our latest release. It was during the question and answer session we realized it was four years ago to the exact day we had our very first book signing, November 1, 2011. From book one, Desperate Housedogs to book eight, Downton Tabby.

Boy, have things changed in four years.

Not in a bad way – things are just different. Publishing has changed in a big way, our families have changed, our day jobs have morphed. Our lives are richer but certainly busier. Things we stressed about four years ago aren’t even a blip on our radar now. Of course, there are other things to worry about that we were too new then to even see on the horizon.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the joy we feel when we reflect on our publishing journey so far. A bookstore talk like we were able to do this week, reminds us. We’ve crammed a lot of fun into the past four years. Traveling, conferences, workshops, panels, making new friends, meeting readers, plotting stories and brainstorming new titles.

Each season has its own beauty. Change is good. It helps you to grow.

What changes have you been through in the past year? 

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  1. Biggest changes for me have to do with getting old. Made some decisions about not traveling to places I really want to go. Not thrilled with flying anymore--and don't want to drive to Los Angeles either.

    1. We hear you there, MM. Our last few flights have been challenging to say the least.