Monday, May 27, 2013

Ramblings From Dru

The hardest thing about writing a monthly post is coming up with a topic that the audience will find interesting.

So here I sit, trying to think of a post to write.

Should it be related to writing? Well, since I’m not a writer, I don’t have to worry about that.

I am a reader, but how many times can I write about the number of books I’ve read since January (for the record it is 78 books).

My friends tell me that besides being a reader, I’m also a blogger/reviewer. I don’t consider myself a reviewer because my musings are short and not standardized. However on my blog I do offer a feature to authors about the day in the life of their protagonist or a recurring character from their stories.

I recently attended my fourth Malice Domestic Convention. I always have a good time and it’s a chance to attend panels; catch up with friends who I haven’t seen in a year, meet new-to-authors and reconnect with the authors I’ve already met. The one for reader fans are fun to attend and so far this year I’ll be going to four events. I’ll be at BookExpo America (BEA) where I’ll be attending the Power Reader event. Then it’s the Fan Fest at Thrillerfest this summer and last but not least I’ll be at Bouchercon in Albany. Is anyone attending any of these events?

Well, it looks like I thought of something to write.

What’s the hardest thing that you have to do?


  1. Apparently, it's convince you that you're a reviewer. :)

  2. The hardest thing? I guess that would be getting up every day and trying to keep track of my life. I really need to make a daily to do list just to get from the bed to the coffee pot.

    One day Dru, I'll be going to those events with you, until then, I'll just keep trying to manage getting through a day and not forget where I put my life.

  3. Dru, you're an important book blogger and reviewer. Folks like you are vital for writers and readers alike. You help readers find new authors to read and help authors connect with readers across the country. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Linda.

      BTW, Linda's character, Skeet is visiting my blog today at

  4. I agree You have influenced me in what to read next..We miss Killer Characters...Was so Great "Interacting" Chatting with our Fave People in our Books we feel close to...Albany is a possibility...I live in VT..Yes You are a Reviewer ...Blogger and Of Course A Reader....


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