Monday, May 20, 2013

Murder Doubles Back by Evelyn David

From the New Mystery by Evelyn David

"Think we'll be done with this case by New Year's Eve?"
Mac glanced over at the old man driving the van. "I can't tell from your tone what answer you'd prefer. Got a hot date you don't want to keep?"
Edgar Freed chuckled. "You'd think the scooterchair would keep the quilting league ladies away, but I guess my natural charm is just too powerful. I accidentally accepted three invitations for dinner that night. A murder case is just the 'get out of jail' card I need."
"Natural charm my–"
"JJ!" Mac checked his watch, then his assistant who was on the back seat. "Please concentrate on that case file I gave you. I need you up–to-speed fast. We don't have the whole police file yet, just my personal notes, newspaper clippings and some copies of witness statements. And Edgar, until we know otherwise, this is a missing person case, not a murder."

"All this information needs to be converted to an electronic file so I can read it on my laptop," JJ complained. "Some of the newspaper clippings are falling apart."

"I didn't have any trouble reading it," Edgar said. "Computers aren't necessary for everything." He cleared his throat. "Mac, you have to admit that Norman girl has been gone a long time. Odds are–"

"Yeah." Mac settled back in his seat. "I know what the odds are."

Mac and his partner Lyle Harvey had gotten the call around 1 p.m. on a blustery October day. They had just finished lunch, the highlight of an uneventful first half of a twelve-hour shift. At first, they had both believed the teenager had just gone wandering among the various buildings comprising the Smithsonian. First-time visitors were usually unaware that the Smithsonian wasn't just one museum but a collection of buildings. It wasn't unusual for even adults to get separated from their party.

He took a deep breath as the memories flooded back. The scene had not been secured. Evidence could have been lost. Even at the time he'd known that the search for Amanda Norman had been bungled. Against his protests, old Lyle, the senior detective in their partnership, had let the busload of teens and chaperones leave before everyone had been questioned.

"The witness statements are a waste of time. Didn't Amanda have any friends on the trip? Most of these are from kids who claimed not to know much about her."

JJ's question brought him back to the present.

"We didn't find any," Mac answered. "Amanda seemed to be a loner."

"This is a handicap spot," JJ complained as Edgar parked the van.

"I know it's barely noticeable, but I fit that description." Edgar looked at the young woman in his rearview mirror. "That's the reason I can usually find a parking place in this town. Why else do you think the boss had me drive?"

JJ grimaced. "Probably because my ride is in the shop and all Jeff O'Herlihy has in his fleet this week is a neon green Honda with a bad transmission."

"Enough, you two." Mac pulled the latest postcard from his jacket pocket and handed it to the old man. "Edgar, your mission is to find out everything you can about this postcard. Check out the gift shop or wherever they're selling this stuff."
Edgar nodded. "Wild goose chase. You can probably buy this postcard at almost any drugstore in town."
"Still, we have to start somewhere. Maybe this is a new postcard, just released for sale. This mystery started here; maybe my pen pal wants it to end here." Mac shook his head. He knew it was unlikely that canvassing the museum stores would produce anything, but it had to be done.

He turned to face JJ. "You and I are going to walk the crime scene and see if there is anyone still working here that recalls the incident. I'm hoping someone might dredge up something they didn't tell the police before. Remember being a detective ain't glamorous. It's 99 percent grunt work, one percent luck."

JJ sighed. "Right, I know. You've said it a hundred times, your job is to be lucky and Edgar and I are supposed to handle the grunt parts."

Mac grinned. "Now you've got it. Let's go."

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