Monday, January 31, 2011

Your Favorite Valentine

by Evelyn David

The first valentine I ever received was from Charlie Riggins in first grade. It read, and I can still quote it in its entirety. "Roses are red, Violets are blue, I don't smell, but you sure do.- Brianna Sullivan in Undying Love in Lottawatah

Do you remember your first Valentine's Day card or gift?

Like Brianna, my first Valentine's Day gift was in first grade. The teacher let all the kids exchange tiny Valentines. One special little boy gave me a ring that came from a gum ball machine. The fake stone separated from the setting before the day was over. Kind of like the budding romance. Another boy offered the actual gum ball and my affections shifted.

For centuries the idea of romantic love has been celebrated on Valentine's Day. In the Middle Ages this Saint's day was considered the optimum day to choose a lifetime mate. Today it is celebrated by the giving of cards, candy, and gifts.

Undying Love in Lottawatah is the fourth book in the Brianna Sullivan Mysteries ebook series. A novella-length story, Undying Love in Lottawatah continues the saga of psychic Brianna Sullivan who planned to travel the country in her motor home, but instead unexpectedly ended up parking her home on wheels in a small Oklahoma town. In Undying Love in Lottawatah, as Valentine's Day approaches, Brianna is hired by the local police to help solve an arson/murder case. She's also got family problems. The ghost of her great aunt keeps pressing Brianna to find out what happened to Harry, her long lost love. In her spare time the reluctant psychic tries to figure out her own love life and her relationship with Detective Cooper Jackson. Is he reason enough to stay in Lottawatah?

Do you send Valentine's Day cards? Brianna has mixed feelings on the matter.

Anyway, my Momma always told me that Valentine's Day was a made-up Hallmark holiday and I shouldn't get swept up in the commercialization, yadda, yadda, yadda. To be honest, I often tuned out when my mother would get on her high horse about these issues. And let's be honest, the woman absolutely expected a card and an increasingly expensive present when the made-up holiday of Mother's Day popped up every May.- Brianna Sullivan in Undying Love in Lottawatah


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  1. I don't remember any of my "first" cards or gifts. We did do Valentine's mail boxes in grade school, so it was fun ending up with lots of V-Day cards by day's end. My favorite memory is my grandfather buying up big heart-shaped boxes half-price the day after Valentine's Day and hauling them down to Florida, where we'd spend our spring break (it was in late February back then for some reason!). We would gobble up the chocolate throughout the week. That was fun!

  2. Back in my childhood, kids only gave Valentine's to kids they liked, those who got the most were the popular kids. Rather barbaric. My mom made me give everyone in my class a Valentine no matter how I felt about them. Looking back I'm glad she did. I know there were kids who wouldn't have gotten a single one if not for the Valentine I gave them.


  3. Susan, my Dad used to buy my sister and me small boxes of chocolates every Valentine's Day -- and I've continued the tradition with my kids. I buy one for my husband too (and he buys one for me). Chocolate overload, but that's not bad.

    Marilyn, your Mom was so very kind -- as are you.

    Happy Valentine's Day Everyone.