Friday, January 14, 2011

We Welcome Elizabeth Lynn Casey!

In the Strangest of Places

I realized something the other day, something I’m not sure I should admit out loud. But here I go, anyway…

With the exception of a few life-longers, the majority of my friends have one very specific thing in common.

No, they’re not all writers.
No, they’re not all chocoholics like myself.
And no, they’re not all from one specific location we all happen to have in common.

The one thing they have in common is…wait for it…I met them all via the Internet.

That’s right, the Internet.

And at the risk of having a large uppercase L emblazoned on my head, I’ll take this little admission one step further…

Some of these met-via-the-Internet friends have jettisoned themselves into my life-longer group. You know, the ones you wouldn’t trade for anything. Ever.

One such internet-introduced friend came while participating in a group blog just like the one you’re reading now. Only that one was called, The Good Girls Kill for Money Club (don’t bother looking it up, I imagine the url has been taken over by one of those—yes, those—sites) and it’s now defunct. Long story short, I think it was a full year before I met any of my fellow bloggers in person, even longer before I finally met Tasha Alexander (she was our Friday girl). But from the moment Tasha and I met, we hit it off. Going through similar things in our lives provided an instant connection, but it was our respect for each other that grew it into the friendship we have now. A friendship that has me eagerly looking forward to our girls’ weekend in Chicago that is just around the corner!

Another internet-introduced friend came via that same blog. Only this particular person was a reader—one who just happened to win a contest of mine. Since we lived in the same city, I suggested we meet at a local lunch spot for the prize handoff. Little did I know that before that particular meeting was over, I would begin a friendship with Lynn that has withstood a move (mine) across country. Now, when I fly into St. Louis for a doctor’s appointment or for a book signing, Lynn and I always get together. For a movie, dinner, or whatever else we can come up with. In fact, she’s a large part of why I look forward to going back home for a visit.

So there you have it. My big confession. One that, while weird to say out loud, makes me smile. Just like the friends I’ve met thanks to this crazy cyber world that has landed in our laps whether we like it or not.

As a writer, the Internet has opened up a whole new world in terms of research and opportunities to connect with readers. As a person, it’s changed my life in ways only true friends can.

~Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Elizabeth Lynn Casey is the best selling author of the Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series with Berkley Prime Crime. DEADLY NOTIONS, the fourth book in the series, will release April 4th. When she’s not writing mysteries, Elizabeth’s alter ego, Laura Bradford, is busy penning romances. Two of Laura’s romances are RT Reviewer’s Choice nominees for Best Harlequin American of 2010. For more information on her mystery series, visit her website: Or become a fan on her Elizabeth Lynn Casey fan page on Facebook. For more information on her romances, visit:


  1. Like you, my best friends are those I met online and I love meeting others that I meet everyday while interacting with on the various social medias.

  2. I have to say you were my first. Internet/life long friend that is. When we went to RWA Nationals last year, I realized I've made many acquaintances/friends over the internet this last year. Maybe it's a writer thing?

    Or maybe the act of putting your thoughts down in written words instead of face to face that brings people to open their hearts more?

    Whatever it is my standard line is I'm glad you took a chance I wasn't a GG stalker.

    I'm proud to call you my friend.

  3. I'm glad to have met you, Liz, first through the 'net, and in person.

  4. We became friends through our children when our children were in school together and girl scouts. Even though we have lost touch and reconnected over the years, I like to keep up with you through the internet. I believe the internet has kept friends and families in close contact when they live so far away from each other. I look forward every morning, booting up and catching up with my friends family who live so far away.

  5. When I retired in December, several people asked me if I was going to miss seeing my friends at work. I realized not so much, because of the new people I've been meeting on-line since I starting blogging. There are several I consider friends even though we haven't met in person (yet).

  6. No, Elizabeth, this doesn't seem odd to me at all. I have some wonderful friends I meet only online. I've finally had the chance to meet a couple, and we easily fall into conversation, continuing that friendship. We've already learned what we have in common over the internet, so it doesn't take long to continue that friendship. It's a wonderful way to get to know people who share my love of books.

  7. Hi, Elizabeth, so nice to meet you. I met Susan McBride and half of Evelyn David at Mayhem in the Midlands before this blog began. Rachel Brady introduced herself to me while we were both on a cable car tour of San Francisco during Bouchercon. I've met many other people on tne Net who I now call my friends who I have yet to meet in person. But one of my good friends I met on the Net and we roomed together several times since, including this last Bouchercon.


  8. Hey, Ms. Laura! So nice to have you hanging out with us today!:-)

  9. Thanks to the Stiletto Gang for having me today! It was fun!!!

  10. I can't wait for our girls' weekend! Much though I love you on the internet, I love you even more in person...