Thursday, November 25, 2010

Santa, Baby, by Misa

It's Thanksgiving... Happy Turkey Day!!!

Along with fabulous food and family, Thanksgiving means it's officially okay (in my book) to begin thinking about Christmas. I like to finish one holiday before I move onto the next.

This year I’ve already done something special... a Santa making class with my mom in a nearby historic town. It was awesome.

We started with nothing.

Then we cut, sewed, and stuffed.

On a sewing high...

Next we added a face and beard.

Then we adorned.

Adorning is the best.

These are some seriously cool Santas. Theysell for $200 !!!! And now I know how to make them. Granted, I need materials. Beads and trims and fabric, oh my.

Teacher gifts, here we come! (although they'll be a less expensive, teacher-y fun version)

Now that Thanksgiving is upon us, which means Christmas is around the corner, what do you do to get into the holiday spirit?

Misa Ramirez / Melissa Bourbon
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  1. Your Santas are great.

    The first thing I do is put the Christmas music on and hang up my window decoration.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  2. Decorating the tree does it for me. We have traditionally set up our tree on first Advent (the 4th Sunday before Christmas). This year it falls on Nov 28, so I'll be busy decorating my home this weekend. That will set me up nicely for the season!

  3. I love that you took a Santa-making class with your mom! That's too cool. Oh, man, I'm not ready for Christmas yet! Have hardly thought about it. With deadline met and very sick cat getting better, maybe I'll finally have time to think of it soon. ;-)

  4. I used to do all kinds of Christmas crafts, no anymore since someone decided to shorten the days. I have trouble getting anything done.