Monday, November 1, 2010

Just Do It! Vote!

Some great points were made by comedian/commentator Jon Stewart on Saturday. No matter what your political party, I hope we can all agree that everyone needs to work together to make things better. Honest debate is good. Hate speech isn't. You can make a difference, it starts by voting. The results from tomorrow's elections will change lives and futures! Be a part of the process. Vote!


  1. I'll vote - because it's my responsibility to do so. But I had decided to vote for any candidate I'd seen a positive ad from (instead of a smear ad for the opposition) until I realized there weren't any. Very sad state of affairs, don't you agree?

  2. Linda, I agree with you. Seems like this time, every political ad I saw on television was a negative ad. Oh, sometimes the candidates would trot out their kids for the camera and let them talk, but there was always a negative subtext. You know, "Keep my kids and yours safe from Politician X's crazy policies."

    aka The Southern Half of Evelyn David

  3. I will peel my fingers off my keyboard to vote tomorrow, for sure. I'm so disgusted by this election that I don't like anyone much either, but I know it's important to make my voice heard. Just need to brush up on all the local amendments and propositions that'll be on the ballot. Sometimes the wording is so confusing that it's essential to go in armed so I don't stand there, thinking, "Um, what is this really about again?"

  4. Oh, that last one was me, Susan McBride.