Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What Didn't Happen This Week

I had a post all written for today and it said I was on a mystery cruise--actually the name for it was A Cruise to Die For. There were 40 of us signed up for it, a cruise to the Mexican Riveria. The plan was the 3 days we were at sea we were having a mystery conference.

Sunny Frazier, the brains behind it all, had collected all sorts of promo items including books for the tote bags. Assignments were given out as to who was to be on what panel. Moderators contacted panelists and had given them questions that would be asked. Many of us printed handouts.

I was all packed and read to go when the news came that the Carnival Cruise ship called the Splendor had a fire in its engine room.

Surely it would be fixed by the time we were supposed to go on our cruise. Wrong.

Our cruise was cancelled. We got the news from our tour director, from the cruise line itself and from Sunny. Of course I was disappointed as was everyone else. We will have our money refunded and 25% off the cost of our next cruise.

The more I heard about the ship and the condition it was in and what the 400 plus people stranded aboard the Splendor were going through, all I could feel was thankfulness. So thankful that we weren't the ones on that ship.

Sunny says we'll try again next year, same time.

In the meantime, hubby and I are now in Las Vegas visiting my sister and her husband. We're having a great time. No we're not going to shows and gambling, we never do that when we go to Vegas, but we are having fun visiting, eating out, and taking in a couple of movies.

Marilyn, who is making lemonade out of lemons.



  1. Oh, Marilyn! I'm so glad you guys weren't on that ship either! How horrible those four days had to be for everyone onboard. At least now you can look forward to a future cruise (with a discount!). I was supposed to go on a cruise several years post-college, only the ship was dry-docked a week before we were to set sail. I was so bummed. Now with all the news stories about illnesses, engine problems, and pirates, I think I'd prefer to stick to dry land. ;-)

  2. Weird things happen for a reason.

    So glad we literally missed the boat. I came down with a nasty cold even tequila shots wouldn't quell. On the other hand, the cruise was planned so close to two major mystery events staged in CA (LCC and Bcon) that we lost the West Coast crowd for our free mystery conference at sea.

    I fully expect we'll be sailing in Nov. 2011, and hopefully with people who said they wished they'd known earlier to sign up. Everyone gets a second chance! And some of us get a 24% discount.