Thursday, July 30, 2009

Under Review

What I learned this week:

Twitter can be fun.

The Swine Flu Vaccine will be ready soon, but in such limited supply, I won't see any.

It's time to get new towels.

Brenda's cat, Kitty, died.

Leverage has returned for its second season on TNT.

I have a printer stand for my office arriving tomorrow (see last week's post).

Good intentions don't get the house cleaned.

Shark Week is coming.

I can't cook squash - well.

Stories about Amelia Earhart's disappearance still fascinate me.

Sometimes drug stores have great sales on items for author auction baskets.

I should buy more fresh peaches.

Dogs might be psychic.

Just because you're talking, doesn't mean anyone is listening.

Only one Republican judiciary committee member voted for Sonya Sotomayor.

Despite what some politicians are saying, none of the health care draft reform bills contain a clause promoting euthanasia of people over 65.

President Obama needs a "jeans" intervention.

I haven't read a book for pleasure this whole month.

Braums milk is the best.

The economy is turning around – the value of my 401k increased by 1/3 in last three months.

Birthers are just plain silly.

I might be going to Chicago in late October - beats my February trips.

Colin Powell is a national treasure.

I will never like liver, no matter how it's smothered.

The Terminator carries a big knife and issues I.O.U.s

Most ghost tours shut down for the month of August - just like Congress.

I miss watching The West Wing.

Bare Minerals makeup is incredible.

I spend less if I only get $20 out of the ATM per trip.

Dogs love Funyons.

I need to start getting to bed before midnight.

I still don't like chicken wings and beer - I don't like them separately either.

Writing a blog every week is hard work.

Evelyn David


  1. Oh, I will watch closely for details on your Chicago trip. Perhaps I can buy you a drink of something, somewhere? It would be wonderful to meet you and perhaps hear you do a reading, etc.

    I still toy with the idea of getting my local indie bookstore, Anderson's, to host a full "Stiletto Gang" reading event--all of you in the affluent western suburbs of Chicagoland at once. It would be quite the scene.

    "Birthers" are as demented as Howard Stern and Dave Chappelle smushed together and should seek therapy. ASAP.

  2. Don't forget "and good intentions don't make your butt smaller." Or is that just on my list?

    Make sure you have a drink with my friend, Vicks, in Chicago. You'll be happy you did. You will not meet anybody smarter or kinder. Maggie

  3. Well, thank you, Oh Generous Maggie, but we all know that good intentions don't make me smarter or kinder!

    Maggie is a sweetheart, and though I'm plenty nice enough, I'm quite your average gal. Still, I hope I can meet you when you're around our fine city, .5 of ED. (Would this mean you'd drink HALF or TWICE as much?)

  4. Hi,

    Maggie and Vicky -

    I'd love to meet both of you for drinks sometime. Depending on the size of the drinks, two is usually my limit before I switch to Pepsi One! I'm a margarita on the rocks, no salt type person.

    And yes, Maggie, good intentions don't don't do a thing for "writers' butt syndrome."

    Going to Chicago for my day job but might tack on a couple of days for book promotion. I've never done a "reading" but might try it after a drink or two.

    aka The Southern Half of Evelyn David

  5. I'd say you learned a lot this week. Not sure I learned much of anything, but I did get to read for fun.