Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back from Epicon

Yep, I went to another convention--this time Epicon--the convention for electronically published authors. All cons are fun--unless you're someone who doesn't like to have a good time, and thank goodness, I'm not one of those.

This time we flew to Portland OR. Straight foreword to get there: Bakersfield to San Francisco to Portland. We had such a wild taxi ride to get to the hotel, I feared for my life (well, not really, but I did grip my hubby's hand pretty tightly.)

This was the kind of conference where there were panels to teach writers something. A whole track was on different kinds of promo--in fact I taught one on promoting trade paperbacks. Also taught another on Bringing Characters to Life. One of the others I went to that was fun was Mayhem and Murder (always good to learn more ways to do it), and a fun one on the serial killers that Oregon has produced. (Well, I am a mystery writer, after all.)

Best part of any of these shindigs is seeing old friends and meeting new ones--something we did a lot of. Though I came down with a cold or allergies or something annoying like that, I didn't let it stop me.

On Saturday night there was a great awards ceremony--far more entertaining than the Academy Awards even if I didn't win an Eppie for mystery. I'll just have to be happy being a finalist.

Sold a few books and bought some others.

The trip home was a bit stranger--Portland to Phoenix, Phoenix to Bakersfield. Of course there was a pile of mail, jobs to finish, laundry, and emails to answer. It was worth it.


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  1. So glad you made it home, safe and sound. Your travel schedule would kill me! The workshops at Epicon sound great, especially the one on the Oregon serial killers.

    Evelyn David