Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sparkle Abbey vs. Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey’s long-awaited new season begins in just a few days!

And just in time for the new season of Downton Abbey, we have a special contest for all of you Downton Abbey fans!

The idea came to us in part because we have a Google alert set up to notify us whenever Sparkle Abbey is mentioned out there in the cybersphere. However, being new at this gig and not exactly understanding the set-up at first, we kept getting tons of notifications whenever the “sparkle” of anything in “Downton Abbey” was mentioned. Needless to say, we got a bit of a giggle out of it.

Then a little while back we were guests on the Seekerville blog and the superbly talented Vince from Philosophy of Romance asked if we’d ever considered doing a TV series “Sparkleton Abbey.” He suggested perhaps it could star a roguish English Wolfhound and an adorable red-haired Irish Setter. 

We had a lot of fun with the idea and then…well, you know the creative spark that happens when a bunch of writers get together. From that point on we were off and running with the Downton Abbey and Sparkle Abbey comparisons.

So, we’ll start it off and then we’d love to hear your ideas on all the ways “Sparkle Abbey” differs from “Downton Abbey.”

We'll collect all the ideas and draw a winner from all the participants. The prize is the wonderful Downton Abbey bell ornament pictured above. 

And as an added bonus, if you sign up for our newsletter via the Sparkle Abbey website there will be a drawing for a “Downton Abbey/Sparkle Abbey” basket.

Sound like fun? 

Okay, let’s get started!

All the Ways Sparkle Abbey Differs from Downton Abbey

1) Downton Abbey has high fashion and intrigue, Sparkle Abbey has high fashion and intrigue, plus pets!

2) Whilst Downton Abbey does full justice to the Queen’s English, Sparkle Abbey kills the Queen’s English in a shroud of mystery.

3) Downton Abbey has the Dowager; Sparkle Abby has a dog-wagger.

4) While Downton Abbey is actually set in Highclere Castle, Sparkle Abbey stories are more often set in a downtown alley.

Now you go…


  1. Downton Abbey visitors are invited; Sparkle Abbey breaks in.

  2. News of Downton Abbey sets tongues wagging. News of Sparkle Abbey makes tails wag.

  3. Downtown Abbey tortures its characters, Sparkle Abbey pampers their pets!

  4. Downtown Abbey has British people with accents--Sparkle Abbey has British Spaniels with attitude. (Or maybe you should!!)

    1. Liz - LOL! Haven't had British Spaniels yet but maybe in the next book. There's room for more than Dachshunds in "The Girl With the Dachshund Tattoo." :-)

  5. In Downton Abbey, characters die because the actors want to be released from their contracts to appear in other shows. When Sparkle Abbey characters die, it's because someone murdered them.

  6. Loved all the comparisons to DA!

    Book Cents Lit Agency ;)

  7. i adore Sparkle Abbey!... Downton Abbey eh! never watched

  8. Thanks everyone who commented and everyone who tried to comment!

    Some really fun comparisons. The winner of the random drawing is...::::drumroll:::: Ritter Ames.

    Congrats Ritter, we'll get your bell in the mail!

  9. This is so neat! Saw the news on Twitter and had to come post on the blog! Thank you!