Monday, January 6, 2014

New Years Resolutions or Not?

Hey gang....
It’s been six days since the New Year started. How are your goals going? Do you set goals or resolutions?
For me, I’m a goal setter. Resolutions seem too dreamy. A goal is specific and time centered.

So here’s one of my goals – Make healthy choices and increase fruits/veggies in my diet. My hope is to lose 20 pounds by year-end. Now, it’s not going to get done just by adding a few apples and celery sticks. I’m also going to have to work out regularly and keep a log of both food and exercise. One day at a time. Kind of like writing a book. Or eating an elephant. (Although that might be a wrong metaphor to use.)

One way I can do this is using I love this website. Free and filled with excellent tracking programs. And, you can buddy up with friends and have an online push when you’re not reaching your goals.

Today I found Panera Breads is sponsoring a fitness challenge. Lose five pounds in six weeks. They have a mobile app called Lose It. It’s a lot like MyFitnessPal but it’s on my phone. Although, I think you can do that with MyFitnessPal too. Check out for more information.

Watching hulu plus while I rode my stationary bike I found another program I might like—Daily Burn. Apparently, it brings a variety of exercise programs to you every day – kind of like P90X which is one of my favorite workouts but my doctor banned me from using due to health issues. Right now, I’m playing Biggest Loser on Xbox with Konect. Love the workouts. And the weather warms up and I can get back to walking places like Chain of Rocks bridge, it's indoor work for me.

Technology rules.

One last hint for today – find a farmers market that delivers. Our local farmer’s market in the St. Louis are does a Fruit your Cube program, bringing fruits and veggies to your office for a reasonable cost. I never have to say, I should have gone to the store because the store comes to me. The only guilt is when I don’t use up the veggies before they go bad.

Are you on the health wagon for 2014? Do you like the on line programs, or good, old-fashioned meetings?

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