Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Clicking Our Heels: Summer Vacation - Beach, Mountains, On the Road, or Simply a Staycation?

Last month, the Stiletto Gang members shared where each most wanted to go when the world opened up again. Now, with summer here, people are making vacation plans. As always, each of us has a different idea for our perfect summer vacation - beach, mountains, on the road, or staycations.

Bethany Maines - Outdoors someplace sunny.  Could be the beach or the mountain or my backyard, but I want ice cream, a nap, and some sunshine.

Gay Yellen – Mountains. Hiking in a cool mountain forest is the best break from summer in the city.

Mary Lee Ashford – My summer vacation preference would be outdoors with a beach and a book! Staycations are fun but I’ve been working from home since March 2020, so I am more than ready to see some walls that aren’t my own. (1/2- Sparkle Abbey)

Shari Randall – I’d love to go somewhere with great museums and theater. I live near a beach, so I’ll admit it, I’m spoiled.

Linda Rodriguez – Anymore, I’m a stay-at-home person most of the time, thanks to health issues. In summer, you’ll find me inside in the air conditioning or sitting on my spacious porch, spinning or knitting and chatting with my neighbors.

Anita Carter – Definitely outdoors. One of my favorite vacations was when my husband and I traveled to Hawaii for 10 days. We island hopped, had the best time at the beach, and hiking through the mountains and around the volcanos. I’d love to go again. (1/2 Sparkle Abbey)

Debra H. Goldstein – I’m a beach person – even if viewing the waves lapping the sand from an airconditioned room. Of course, now that Broadway is going to be opening at the end of Summer, I wouldn’t mind making a trip to New York part of my summer vacation.

T.K. Thorne – I have to see the ocean regularly or something inside doesn’t get fed. Also, I live on a mountain, so I get my tree and fresh air fix every day.

Debra Sennefelder – Staycation. I really don’t like summer weather. I much prefer air conditioning.

Kathryn Lane – My husband and I spend the summers in the mountains of northern New Mexico, near Taos, where we enjoy outdoor adventures as well as watching wildlife drift by from our cabin deck.

Dru Ann Love – I like sightseeing various locations, so outdoors. Staycations are good as well.

Kathleen Kaska – It’s the beach for me – anytime.

Lois Winston – I much prefer a warm getaway in the winter, but I’m not a beach person. I love exploring museums, ancient sites, and foreign cities.







  1. At this point, everything fun sounds good to me!

  2. We go to the mountains a lot; however, put me on a cruise and I'm a happy camper

    1. You're in luck, Vicki. Cruises are starting up again. Safe travels!

  3. I agree with Gay, everything sounds good!