Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Clicking Our Heels - Promotional Tools - What's Best?

Promotional Tools – What’s Best?

What is the best promotional tool for branding? Selling books? Getting readers? Here are some of the opinions of different Stiletto Gang members.

Shari Randall - This is the eternal question! I think that when these three aspects work together - writing a great book that gets proper branding and support and connects with readers - that's the magic. But how to do that? I'm still working on it. As a writer, the only thing I can do is try to write the best book I can.

Dru Ann Love - I remember authors better once I’ve met them face to face. So branding yourself whether on social media or with tangible items is key for exposure. But you have to be consistent. Don’t show me a *fake* you on social media and when a face-to-face encounters happen, you’re not real.

Judy Penz Sheluk - Despite all the recent negativity, I still find Facebook to be a good tool. And you have to have matching bookmarks for your books. I also love going to book club meetings, either in person or by an online meeting.

Kay Kendall - Authors can communicate easily with potential readers by using the online tools available today. I believe a writer should pick the one (or two) that she understands and enjoys and then develop a presence on it. Even if someone is published by one of the big book companies, one still has to do one's own publicity. Speaking at nearby bookstores and libraries is useful too, although few today can afford to do the old-fashioned book tours of old. Social media covers for that. Using it is a must.

J.M. Phillippe - I think I am still trying to figure this one out :-P Sadly, it's not just "write a book!"

Bethany Maines - I think one of the most powerful tools are reader reviews help because they add legitimacy as well as exposing the book/author to a wider audience. Book bloggers can also be useful for reviews and audience. In terms of branding myself as an author... Of course, since my day job is graphic design, I care about this. My graphics and promo materials all have a consistent graphic look and quality, which I think is important.  But I would say that the author in me who likes to write ALL THE GENRES (ok, maybe not all) rebels against being type cast and overly branded. 

Lynn McPherson - This is a tough question! I'll be looking to see what my fellow Stiletto Gang members have to say about this because it's something I could use some help with :)

Linda Rodriguez - I'm not really concerned with branding. That may be because I write in several different genres. As far as the best tool for selling books goes, tell me what it is and I'll grab it. Word-of-mouth will do it, and we all do all kinds of things to try to build that word-of-mouth, but I'm not sure anyone knows how to actually do it. I think I will settle on simply writing the very best books I know how to write and then trying to get the word out in any way I can that I have these books out there.

T.K. Thorne -  am all over the genre map in what I write, so I love brave readers who are willing to try wherever I go

A.B. Plum – I like my monthly newsletter to get and maintain connection with readers.

Mary Lee Ashford (1/2 of Sparkle Abbey) - Wow, I hope someone knows the answer to this question, because I sure don't! I'm never sure what works and what doesn't. However, I can say that the promotional tool I like the best is meeting readers. Whether in person at a book signing or conference, or online through a chat or other social media, the opportunity to meet readers and talk about books is always simply the best!

Debra H. Goldstein – My social media choice depends on the work I’m trying to promote and the age of the audience I’m trying to reach, but my best promotional tool if word of mouth after meeting readers.

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