Thursday, September 12, 2019

Pay it forward and help a sista' out. by Juliana Aragon Fatula

Dear Reader,

Today the weather changed from summer to autumn overnight and my Chicana Garden ripened into Concord Grapes, Peaches, Sunflowers, and Colorado Wildflowers. The grass is high and the tree leaves are full ready to burst into color.

So, a friend asked a favor. I agreed. I'm reading some poems for a writer applying for a fellowship.

I'm happy to help when I can afford to. I've learned to say no, thank you, when I can't help.

I enjoy reading poetry. This writer has a publishing date for her first book of poetry and I'm happy to help a fellow poet.

Her poems are about nature and who doesn't dig Mama Nature?

I like her poems.

I'm going to be honest and give her good feedback. The way I was taught to critique a writer's work by the master writers I've studied with and learned the art of editing and positive criticism, but honest comments to help her grow as a writer.

I've learned so much in my years of endless study. And I'm happy to teach others what I've learned.

I hope she earns her fellowship and lets me know if my suggestions helped her. But if she doesn't get this one, I hope she keeps trying. Persistence. Patience.

Her name is Heidi Barr.  Award-winning author of Woodland Manitou, What Comes Next and Cold Spring Hallelujah.

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  1. Thank you sweet sister you have the magic touch. Plus, the more we give...Heidi helped me and now we bond as sisters-in-art.