Monday, April 22, 2019

Writing and Quilting

--by Dru Ann Love

I love to read. Mostly cozies, but I always add in a thriller or a suspense title to add a little variety to my reading entertainment.

My other hobby I enjoy is quilting. Now you are probably wondering what does that have to do with writing. Well, when you write a novel, you have to have an idea, a premise or a concept, then a beginning, a middle and an end. Well the same analogy can be applied to quilting.

First you need the fabric that you want to use

Second, cut out the pieces

Third, build the quilt block

Fourth, add the sashing, the border and this is your top quilt

Next is you add the batting and the backing material and this becomes your quilt sandwich, which you stitched and put a binding on it and you have a finished quilt to be enjoyed by the recipient, just like a finished book.

Can you equate another hobby or activity with the same steps as a book?


  1. Love this, Dru! I'm a quilter, as well as a spinner/weaver/knitter--though not right now while I'm regaining use of my right arm. I think the fiberart feeds the writing, and vice versa.

  2. Great analogy. Sometimes, playing music can be like this, too. One needs to learn the instrument, read the piece, figure it out, put the notes together, and polish the final product. Or, at least that is how I play the piano.