Monday, April 29, 2019

A Pre-Malice Domestic QUIZ!

by Paula Gail Benson

At the end of this week, many of us will gather in Bethesda, Maryland, to celebrate the best of the traditional mystery. It will be a homecoming, family reunion, and all round party blast--wonderful in the anticipating and attending, yet over far too soon.

Let's get the party started early with this quiz. Can you match the following words (from their stories or novels) with the authors in the Best Short Story and Best First Novel categories? Answers at the end!

1. Harvard

2. Speed Dating

3. Mermaid

4. San Juan Hotel

5. Teen-aged Brother

6. Syllabus

7. Homeless Person

8. Mission

9. A Royal Blue Gown

10. Nancy Drew
A. Art Taylor
B. Shari Randall

C. Tara Laskowski
D. Keenan Powell

E. Barb Goffman
F. Aimee Hix
G. Susanna Calkins
H. Edwin Hill

I. Leslie Budewitz

J. Dianne Freeman

Answers: 1. H.-- 2. E. -- 3. B. -- 4. G. -- 5. F. -- 6. A. -- 7. D. -- 8. I. -- 9. J. -- 10. C.


  1. Fun! I got them all. Once again, reading pays off!

  2. The one that stumped me? My own! (Thanks, Paula -- this is fun!)

  3. I had such a great time in putting the quiz together. Barb and Leslie, thanks for such great stories. And, thanks for stopping by to play!


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