Thursday, December 14, 2017

Profound Reality by Juliana Aragon Fatula

Aragon Siblings with my Dad, Julian Aragon

This holiday season I'm going big. Big decorations, big parties, big big big.

I haven't celebrated Christmas in years and  years never mind why. It's sad. But this year I have reason to celebrate and I'm going to. I feel like I've been saving up for this one Christmas and I'm going to finally get my celebration on.

I'm spiritual; not religious. Christmas isn't about going to church for me. For me it's about remembering loved ones, family memories of holidays, spending time with my husband, son, pets, friends. It's not about materials, shopping, buying...The holiday has gotten out of hand and it's about so much other than what it should be.

When I was a kid, we got one toy and a big bag of fruit, nuts and candy. We went to see Santie Claus at the movie theatre and we saw the reindeer. My parents had ten mouths to feed and they managed to keep our bellies full and smiles on our faces at Christmas.

This year, I'm going to remember what it used to feel like to decorate a real tree with popcorn garland and to build a snowman out front (if it snows), to give to the bell ringers and the less fortunate.

I have enough of everything. I don't need more stuff. I need to finish my book and that's where my priorities are this December 2017.

If I accomplish my goal and reach my deadline, I'll be ready to party and ring in the new year.

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