Monday, December 26, 2016


Sorry I'm late. I hope everyone who celebrates during this time had a good time with friends and family.

Do you create lists such as top books read in 2016; number of books read; numbers of books sold; number of books written? I think we all tend to keep stats which gives us a sense of accomplishments.

Here are a few of my stats for 2016.

  • I've read 247 books
  • I've been to 3 reader/fan conventions (Left Coast Crime, Malice and Bouchercon)
  • I've read books by four authors I met at reader/fan convention (Alexandra Sokoloff, Karin Salvalaggio, Susan Elia MacNeal, Liz Milliron)
  • I had 94 authors, for the first-time, appear on my blog

What stats do you have?


  1. 247 books. In a year...WOW. I try to read one a week...Hope to meet you (not sure which one of your wrote this...) at Bouchercon Toronto. I'm still thinking on Malice. Canadian dollar is hurting me on the exchange...Definitely Hawaii is out, sad but true.

    1. So now I know it's Dru Ann posting -- I should have figured it out from the monthly schedule. THANK YOU for reviewing my book, Skeletons in the Attic, and loving it. You made my day/week/month/year with that review. Your support of the mystery community is legendary.

  2. Dru,
    Those stats highlight why you are being honored by MWA at the Edgars. Thanks for all you do beyond the day job --- just sign me one of the authors to appear on your site (Should Have Played Poker ) for the first time this year

  3. I am so impressed with that list for 2016. 247 books? Yikes. I barely get through one a week. And so many guests! Thanks for all you do for readers and writers alike.

  4. Dru, thanks for all you do for authors and for all you do to introduce authors to readers. You are a wonderful gift to the mystery community.

  5. Impressive list
    Mine is read 10 books of nonfiction
    Read 10 mysteries
    wrote 1 manuscript
    Saved the world in 4 min
    Voted 1 for ms Clinton cause
    I'm a nasty woman
    Performed 3 poetry readings
    Taught a writing workshop
    for bridging borders for teens
    Submitted a new manuscript
    of poetry to publisher
    Award for poetry at
    high plains book festival
    in Billings Montana
    Mentored 3 college women
    Edited a novel river of love by Aimee (C M)
    Celebrated 24 yrs loving the same man
    Loved my son, Dan, unconditionally and wrote to him in prison
    Had 1 knee replaced with stainless steel making me into Chicana Woman the
    Made myself myself as a writer and wrote!