Thursday, October 27, 2016

Clicking Our Heels ---Food We Most Hate!

Clicking Our Heels – Food We Most Hate

During this holiday season, many worry about gaining weight because of the snacks, sweets, and delicious holiday only food we will be eating. Rather than have that be an issue for The Stiletto Gang, we thought we’d let you, our potential hosts and hostesses, know the “Foods We Most Hate.”
Debra H. Goldstein – Lettuce. It’s slimy, green, grassy, and dull
Dru Ann Love – Cooked fruit. Don’t like it not in its natural state. I make an exception with raisins though – not a fan of dried fruit as well.  
Paffi Flood – Can’t think of one. Growing up, it was any vegetable available for lunch in the school cafeteria. Anyone else remember shredded carrots with raisins or the salty, overboiled green beans?
Bethany Maines – Mushrooms. Taste like dirt. Feel like slime.
Jennae M. Phillippe – I have been trying hard to learn to at least tolerate food I normally hate ever
since I did a total reversal on Brussel sprouts and realized I may be missing out on some good stuff I usually write off. But I can’t do food texture, like mushrooms, certain seafood, and types of tofu.

Sparkle Abbey – Sparkle is not into liver. Ever. Yuck!

Kay Kendall – I loathe okra. My lip curls at the mere thought of it. Slimy, dastardly stuff.

Juliana Aragon Fatula – Anchovies. I love seafood, I love fish. You couldn’t pay me enough
to make me eat anchovies. If I was starving I’d eat a bowl of lard with a hair in it before I’d eat anchovies.


  1. I'm with y'all on texture issues--mushrooms are often a challenge. But okra! Okra, I love! And my son was just talking last night about how much he loves it too!

    1. Art, I'm with you......but could we avoid lettuce, please.

  2. Uncooked onions. Sigh. I like them, but they don't like me. Fortunately, the intolerable element is eliminated by cooking. Which means I can handle onion rings! Yum!