Monday, June 24, 2013

summer TV

Why is June a short month? It feels like I just did a blog and here we are at the last Monday of the month.

So, who’s ready for summer TV? Back in the day, you had one season, the awesome Fall TV season with old shows and new shows I wanted to watch. I remember getting my own personal TV Guide on the newsstand (my mom had a subscription) and plotting my TV schedule, even figuring out how to watch two programs at the same time. Yes, this was before the days of DVRs and Tivos. Oh what a joyous occasion for this self-proclaim TV addict and proud of it too.

Gradually TV as we knew it changed with the mid-season replacement, those I could handle, but it was those shows they would put one week and then the next week it was gone. It was always the show you loved.

With digital playing in the forefront, we now have three TV seasons (I think): we have network TV and then Summer Cable TV and Winter Cable TV and this TV addict is loving it, although in the past several years, the cable TV shows that I loved are done or didn’t last a season. I miss Fairly Legal, In Plain Sight, Monk, Silk Stalkings, The Closer, and Leverage.

Now I get to enjoy Rizzoli & Isles, Perception, King & Maxwell and my Burn Notice which is leaving me soon.

Are you a TV addict? Raise your hand and tell us your favorite summer TV show.


  1. I was blindsided by the end of Leverage. Somehow I'd missed the announcement that it had been cancelled. Not happy about losing Burn Notice but at least I'll enjoy the last season knowing it's just that. You didn't mention Covert Affairs or Suits, a couple of my favorites.

  2. Tonight is "Under The Dome" Stephen King will see how I Like it..Probably will,because I miss "Haven".. But it's on The Same time as "Longmire" which I Love,so will tape it..I think Rizzoli&Isles is on Tomorrow night...I miss Downton Abbey so much..and Also Addicted to "Justified" Must wait till 2014 for both...;(