Monday, March 25, 2013

What I’m looking forward to at Malice this year

I didn't know what to write about this month, so I asked readers of my Facebook page, what should I talk about and thanks to Aimee H, the above topic was born. I decided to make the post short and fun and here it is. See, I got your name in my post.

The Screams! – Seeing my friends and screaming with joy.

The Panels! – Picking and choosing which ones to attend.

The Meals! – It's all about the food and good talks.

Co-mingling! – Hanging in the lounge, catching up on everyone’s life.

Did I say “The Screams?" – Lots of hugs going around.

The Conversations! – Catching the latest news and just having a good time.

The Bar! – Where drinks will be flowing.

My Autograph Book! – I can’t wait to add more signatures.

The Authors! – More screams of joy when seeing old and new friends.

The Goodie Bag! – The joy of opening our goodie bag and checking out the new books tucked inside.

The Swags! – I can't wait to see what I pick up.

Old Friends! – Seeing friends I haven’t seen since the last Malice convention.

New Friends! – Meeting new friends I met on Facebook or by reading their book.

And Best of All, The Sightings! – I love that first sighting of an author or my friends.

If you’re going to Malice or any reader/author convention, what are you looking forward?


  1. Seeing everyone! Writing means one spends most of one's time alone, staring at a computer. Malice means spending most of one's time at the bar.... : )
    - Clea (p.s. my panel is at 3 on Saturday!)

  2. I am looking forward to seeing Dru Ann! and meeting more of the people whose books I read and getting more autographs on the back of my iPad cover.

  3. Can't wait to see you, Dru!!

    I just like being around so many readers. It's like a dream for a bookworm like myself.

  4. I love Dru sightings!! :)

    Spending time with the fabulous readers and writers.

    Cheers, Nancy


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