Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year

The end of the year has us going over what we’ve done in the past year. In keeping with a tradition I had when I owned a personal blog, below is my reading round-up.

Here is my 2012 reading round-up: This year I've read 231 books, up 3% from 2011. This does not include re-reads. I've read the following types of books: 191 mysteries, 15 thrillers, 11 suspense, 7 romantic suspense, 5 women fiction and 2 romance titles. I've discovered 40 new-to-me authors this year.

Because part of my day job is to looking at trends…I’ve been keeping track of the books I’ve read and purchased since 2006.

Below are my reading trends.

  • The number of books I’ve read increased by 94%. 
  • The number of books I’ve purchased/own increased by 128% which I attribute to my e-readers and free books offered. 
  • The number of mysteries I’ve read increased by 290% which I attribute to the number of cozies I read. 
Below is a graphical representation of my genre reading over the years.

So, what trends have you been tracking or watching out for?


  1. Dru Ann, I'm definitely reading more and buying more, both paper and e-pubs. Being able to keep my TBR list at hand on an e-reader means I never run out of books to read. But I still love paper for research. And now I buy more OLD books than ever because I keep looking into the 1820s for my Jane Eyre series. You can find the coolest stuff in old books.

  2. Dru Ann, I'm a big reader, but last year my reading dropped off from its usual high numbers because of lots of work deadlines, traveling, events, conferences, etc. I only read 63 books, and most of those were mysteries. That's a much higher percentage for mysteries than in the past when I read a lot of poetry, literary fiction, creative nonfiction, and academic titles with mystery and sf/fantasy coming in lower (because they were my purely fun treats). I'm still reading all those genres, especially poetry, but reading many more mystery and fantasy titles in an interesting about-face.