Friday, January 18, 2013

Comfort Food

by Laura Bradford

Comfort food.

There's something about just saying that outloud that gives you warm and fuzzies, isn't there?

Oh, and if you mix comfort foods with a holiday and they become a tradition...even better.

For me and my girls (and, I suspect, my brother, too), Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls are a must on Christmas morning. We can have other things, too, but those have to be on the table.

When the kids were little, extra salty pretzels made medicine go down easier.

A trip to the bank (even now, with DD # 2 being 14) means a peek at the counter for lollipops.

Feeling blue? Bring on the chocolate (which I know has a physiological component, too).

And when I'm sick, a nice cup of hot chocolate will do.

So how about you? What are some of your comfort foods?



  1. Chicken soup. Homemade macaroni and cheese. Meatloaf.

    The usual suspects.

  2. I like pudding, not instant but cooked. Chinese soups. Teas. And, to restate a point made by Jim Gaffigan, BACON is so good that people wrap other foods in it to make them taste better! A good red wine. Oh, and let's not forget a tasty dirty vodka martini or some single-malt Scotch!

  3. When sick in winter, a hot toddy or hot buttered rum. Baked potato. Scrambled eggs and buttered toast. Scones and hot tea. Ginger tea if stomach's upset. Grilled cheese sandwich (with bacon) and chicken soup.

  4. Ice cream. Maybe hot tea if I'm really sick but most of the time it's ice cream.

  5. Mmmm. These all made me hungry.

    I turned to one of my comfort foods today via some homemade choc chip cookies.

  6. I love ice cream too. Chai latte is the way I begin each day-and anything chocolate is wonderful. When it comes to healthier foods, I love any kind of homemeade soup or stew.

    1. Of course I meant homemade soup--but maybe adding meade would make it more interesting.