Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The dog-gone-hot days of summer

by Joelle Charbonneau

This summer has been hot.  Not just hot but H—O—T!  I don’t know about where you live, but here in the windy city of Chicago the temperatures last week were in triple digits for several days straight.  Every news report talked about the new record high temperatures that were being set.

Um….I’m not a huge fan of hot weather.  Anything over 90 and I’m pretty sad.  Add humidity to the mix and YOWZAH!  Needless today, this has not been my favorite summer thus far.  And while the temperature are only in the upper 80s now, it is still to toasty outside to enjoy many summer activities that don’t involve water.  Yep—I’m a wimp.  Sue me!

The good news is I’m betting I’m not the only wimp in the bunch.  In fact, I bet lots of you have great suggestions as to how to have fun without wilting in the heat.  So—I’m asking for suggestions.  Lots of them.  How do you stay cool in this weather without feeling like you’re spending the entire summer trapped in the air conditioning?  Since there doesn’t seem to be any sign of  70 degree weather ahead, I need all the suggestions I can get!

Oh - and just in case you didn't hear - MURDER FOR CHOIR hit shelves last week.  It is the first of my Glee Club Mystery series featuring professional singer Paige Marshall and the Music in Motion show choir.  I'm hoping that readers enjoy spending time with Paige and the gang.  I know I do!


  1. I recently bought a bunch of cheap water guns. The whole family spent over an hour running around shooting each other with water guns...which morphed into dumping the gun-filling stations (a.k.a. buckets of water) over each other's heads.

    We were cool (and soaked) by the time it was all over.

  2. Joelle, in KC we had 10 straight days of heat wave (culminating with a 110 degree day!) until this little cold front moved in and dropped us into the mid-90s for a couple of days. Then it's supposed to go back into triple digits and stay there a long time.

    So I resonate with your desires. When it's like that, though, it's just hole up in the air conditioning for me. Moving from one place to another is enough to leave you gasping and half-sick when it moves that high for that long.

    Fortunately, my little ones are all grown, so I'm not worried about getting them out in the "fresh" air (a real euphemism for the fires of hell we've had lately). I know it's different when you've got youngsters who get antsy inside all day long.

    I'm SO excited about MURDER FOR CHOIR. My own copy's winging its way to me, and I can't wait!

  3. Really, really hot here too. Been 100 degrees by late afternoon--our hottest time of day. It'll be plenty hot next week, that's when our church is having Vacation Bible School and historically that is always the hottest week of summer.

  4. I try to go to indoor places like museums and the library.