Thursday, January 19, 2012

Acceptance Awards do's and don'ts

Although I'm knee deep in copy edits that are due back to my publisher by Friday (yes, tomorrow, that Friday) I still took a break last Sunday night to watch the Golden Globe Awards show.

I'm such a sucker for these awards shows. I love watching the stars in their glittery gowns, seeing the men in their tuxs, listening to the acceptance speeches, etc.

As per my own tradition, I kept a running list of my personal likes and dislikes:


DO invite British comedienne Ricky Gervais to host the show again. Despite his acerbic and rather insulting wit, I find him funny. Apparently, so does someone else because he's done it 2 years in a row now.

DO have a great acceptance speech set up. Even if it's an obviously pre-rehearsed skit. You people are entertainers, so entertain. Best acceptance speech of the night? The Modern Family gang, accepting their award for Best TV comedy. Love that Sophia Vergara, who looked absolutely stunning.

invite back sexy film stars who are classy and look drop dead gorgeous in a tux. Namely, Mr. Darcy, er... I mean Colin Firth (sorry, he will ALWAYS be my favorite Mr. Darcy!)

Now for the DONT'S:

Is it just me or was I the only person in America who couldn't take their eyes off these star's arms? I mean, yes, Angelina Jolie and Madonna are beautiful women, but enough working out is enough. They need some meat on those arms! Or at the very least, cover them up. Apparently, no, I'm not the only one who thinks this either. So does Piers Morgan.

And lastly, my personal awards show biggest no-no. Stars who go over their limited time in their thank you speech.

This year's biggest offender? Meryl Streep.

Now, don't get me wrong. I LOVE Meryl Streep and think she deserves every award she gets. I can forgive her for looking as if she's just crawled out of bed and thrown on her bathrobe here, but I can't forgive her for sounding like a flustered ninny on the stage.

Meryl, you have to know that whenever you are nominated, there is a GOOD chance you will win. Prepare a speech, for God's sake, and rehearse it.

So who's looking forward to the Oscars?

Maria Geraci


  1. I adore the fashions.. rarely see movies..

    1. I have to admit to only seeing a couple of the films nominated this year. Clearly, I have some Netflicking to catch up on :)

  2. I only saw bits and pieces of the Globes, but I have to agree about the arms! Some of these women are downright skeletal, and it's creepy! I guess their yes-men (and yes-women) keep telling them, "You look great! It rocks to have those bones protruding!" Yuck. Can't wait to hear your report on the Oscars, Maria! And good luck with those copy edits!

    1. If the camera really does add 10 pounds, then I'd be afraid to see these skinnies in person. Ah, well ;)

  3. Maria, I never make it past "Best Supporting Actor" which is like the third award so I watch the red carpet from beginning to end. Yes, the arms are alarming, as is Meryl's fake humility (and I love her, too!). Also, actors who insist on wearing their smart-girl/boy glasses to read the nominees, the kind you know have glass where the prescription lenses should be. Great post. Maggie

    1. LOL! Yes, Maggie, I know what you mean about the "glasses."

  4. I do like the Globes and will watch bits of it because they have television and film together and we don't have much of those less glamorous awards. Even the Oscars started splitting off the tech awards into a whole other day to both jazz up and shorten the big broadcast. I used to really love watching the Oscars when I was, oh, age 30 and under, but eventually I lost my interest in watching the ceremony, although I like reading the nominations news and the winners list after the fact, just to keep track of the whole thing. Some of the gowns are pretty it's true, but the people look so plastic so much of the time and I get sick of the focus on someone's diamond adorned sandals in our world where so many have so little. Escapism is one thing, but it's disgusting to have to hear that some skinny semi-psychotic gal on my TV screen is sporting earrings that cost $500K or a clutch purse that is "valued" at 80,000 bucks! I know that the stars dressed more somberly en-masse at some awards shows in the year immediately following the 2011 attacks on NY and Washington, and I wonder if the death of the American middle-class will resonate as clearly with that crowd.

    I often pay special attention, of course, to the best original and best adapted screenplays category. I was sort of shocked and even miffed at Aaron Sorkin last spring because when accepting his Oscar for writing "The Social Network" (which, as an aside, was much over-rated) he ummed and uhhd through a poor thank you and I just thought that for a noted and experienced writer, one who is known for dialog in particular, he should have been either more prepared or more composed so that he could deliver whatever good speech he may have had!

  5. I feel the same way about the arms--and goodness, when did a boney back become something to display? Yuk! I love to watch these things even though I know in most cases these stars are not people to look up to. I had fun watching them make snarky remarks about the presenters and winners. Oh, and remember, those folks are drinking throughout the presentation, so if its near the end they're probably tipsy or worse. (I don't have a high opinion of most movie stars as you can tell. Still love to go to the movies though.


  6. I love the movies too. Am really hoping to see The Descendents soon :)

  7. Maria, this is my third attempt to comment on your fabulous blog today!! I will NOT be interrupted! What i was saying... I think we watched through the same eyes! When Angie & Mo came on stage, all I thought was, "For God's sake, eat a sandwich!"

    Great post!