Monday, December 12, 2011

Moonlighting at the Mall

Our first mystery, Murder Off the Books was published in 2007. It introduced three memorable characters: Mac Sullivan, retired D.C. cop and newly-minted private detective; Whiskey, his adorable canine sidekick, an Irish wolfhound who could tackle a cheeseburger and a murderer with equal ease; and Rachel Brenner, makeup artist in a funeral home whose clients never complained.

We followed it up two years later with Murder Takes the Cake, a sequel with a killer mystery, lots of laughs, and a nice touch of romance. We also published Riley Come Home, a short story featuring this delightful trio, set in the hard-edged world of purebred dog shows.

And then we moved on to a new series featuring psychic Brianna Sullivan, a distant cousin of Mac's, and set in Lottawatah, Oklahoma. We've written seven Brianna novellas - with lots more to come.

But we missed Mac, Whiskey, and Rachel. And for this holiday season, we are delighted to bring them back in a new story sure to intrigue and enchant you. Moonlighting at the Mall finds Mac Sullivan as an undercover Santa Claus, determined to find the mall thief who is brazenly robbing local jewelry stores. He's got more help than he wants. His girlfriend Rachel Brenner is very convincing as Mrs. Claus; septuagenarian Edgar is a less-believable Elf; and Whiskey steals the show as Rudolph.

We're delighted to be back with the Sullivan Investigations crowd. They're old friends of ours- yours too, we hope. Enjoy this holiday whodunnit with a mystery to confound you, humor to make you laugh out loud, and a romance that doesn't need any help from mistletoe.

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  1. I love the idea of sexy Mac moonlighting as Santa! Maggie

  2. This sounds really fun. I haven't been posting much because I've been so busy with that 14 day blog tour. Things should calm down some now...hopefully.

  3. Thanks dissertation writer, Maggie, Marilyn, and Joelle. It really was fun writing those characters again. It's like meeting up with old friends -- you pick up right where you left off.



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