Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Better Late Than Never

I thought I could do this while still in Sedona but Internet access was hard to find in our campground, Sedona is a beautiful place. I heard a quote that describes it,"God made the Grand Canyon for everyone to enjoy but He made Sedona as his dwelling place."

Besides sightseeing, I gave two talks which were well-publicized and attended. The first was about promoting on the Internet, which I gave at the library.

The second was at Kris Neri's Well Red Coyote bookstore. I've known Kris for a long time and was so glad to see her. "Working with Small Publishers" was my topic. I'm always surprised by how many have published with places like Publish America when there are other independent publishers to choose from. I always give handouts and answer questions.

What does surprise me is how few bought books, not just from me but from the bookstore. Indpendent bookstores are in danger, and the only way to save them is to support them by buying books, Oh, I did sell books, but it was a small percentage of the people who attended.

Whenever I attend something like this I always buy the author's book to support them and the bookstore. Years ago, before I was published I did it to learn about the author's writing and the publisher.

Next week, photos of Sedona, I promise.


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