Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Biggest Fan

I know there are others, but the person I count as my biggest fan has also become a friend. We met at one of my book signings several years ago. She was in Springville looking for a house to buy.

At the signing, she bought a book and the previous ones in the series. Since then she's been to every book launch or signing I've had for any of my books.

Once she presented my books at a literary luncheon where each table was devoted to a book or a series of books. She decorated her table with Native American artifacts and dressed up like my heroine, Tempe Crabtree, going so far as to wear a black wig with long braids, a deputy outfit complete with badge. She gave a short talk about Tempe and her latest adventure.

We have something else in common, we love to go to movies--especially the ones like Harry Potter and the Twilight series. We've gone to all of them together and then out to lunch afterwards. My husband goes along with us though he's not thrilled with our choice of movies.

At Christmas time she invites us over to watch General Hospital, see her Christmas decorations (believe me, she goes all out) and serves us tea and cookies. Yes, you read it right, the three of us watch General Hospital--even hubby is hooked on it. Here it comes on at 2 p.m. and it's a good time to take a rest from whatever we're doing. However, if we have to go somewhere and miss out, all I have to do is call my biggest fan and ask her what happened.

My biggest fan wants me to make her a character in one of my books and her request is to be a murder victim. Not sure I want to do that. She's certainly interesting enough to make a character of some sort. I'm considering making her a suspect, not sure at this point, but after all she is my biggest fan.


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  1. How nice of you to honor your biggest fan with a post, Marilyn. I say honor her wish to the be victim! Maybe even the perp? Maggie


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