Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Romance Is In the Air

My granddaughter who lives next door and is in and out of the house several times a day had big news for all of us last Sunday morning. Her boyfriend of two years proposed and gave her a ring.

That morning in church, Juan announced to the whole congregation that he'd asked Jessica to marry him and she'd accepted. Everyone applauded. The pastor (who happens to be my son-in-law) called Juan, Jessi and her mom (my son was working) up to the front and they all prayed.

Jessi and Juan met in their freshman year in high school. He was immediately enamored, but Jessi wasn't ready for a boyfriend. They had many of the same classes and when it came time for the Christmas formal, Juan asked Jessi to go with him. She wanted to go to the dance, so agreed. That was the extent of their dating until the next big dance came along. Again she went with him. That continued for two years. His persistence paid off, because Jessi began spending more time with him.

Both played soccer for the high school and some of their dates consisted of practicing soccer together.

When Juan started coming to church every Sunday and then helping Jessi with the Sunday School class she teaches, we all knew the friendship had developed into more of a romance.

Now Jessi is planning her wedding which won't be until next March and her father is moaning about what it's going to cost him.

Our pastor won't marry anyone until they've been counseled. The first step is for each of them to fill out a questionnaire without speaking to each other about it. She's done it already and I'm sure Juan won't be far behind.

I'm glad I'm the grandmother and don't have to be in on the planning. It's fun to hear all of her ideas, just glad I don't have to execute any of them.

For my eldest daughter, we planned the wedding together. She made her dress and helped the bridesmaids who didn't know how to sew make theirs. Daisies grew all over the neighborhood and we picked them for the baskets the bridesmaids carried. We had the reception in our family room and back yard and I prepared all the food.

My second daughter had a small wedding and again I prepared the food for the reception which was again at our house. Eldest son went to Vegas and married,the reception was at our house and I prepared the food. Years later, this was repeated when he got married the second time. Youngest daughter did all her wedding planning, reception was in eldest daughter's back yard. I prepared the food.

Youngest son had a church wedding and the reception was in our house and I prepared the food. Years later he had a second wedding in Vegas, and I know you can guess where the reception was and who prepared the food.

Thank goodness I can just sit back and enjoy the one that's coming.

Marilyn a.k.a. F. M. Meredith


  1. Wow!

    First, congratulations on the engagement!!

    And Wow! I am in awe of all you do. Besides writing fantastic mysteries, you also have such a beautiful family life.


  2. Congratulations for the engagement!
    Your write up is really sweet! :) And the title "Romance is in the Air" stands so true!