Thursday, March 19, 2009

Library Love

As my co-author and I are gearing up to promote the May publication of Murder Takes the Cake, we're discussing our favorite way to reach mystery readers and sell books – events at public libraries.

When you give a presentation in a library, your audience is filled with people who love books, love talking about books, and want nothing more than to hear what you have to say. Some even have dreams of writing their own books. Your family may have grown weary of hearing about your writing, but go to a library and you have a room full of fresh ears.

On more than one occasion, I've found that a one hour event has turned into two as audience members ask questions about the books and the road to publication. That's the best part – the questions. You never know what someone is going to ask. During my first library presentation I got a question from an elderly woman. She declared that she'd buy my book if I could assure her that no animals or people got killed in it. I told her no animals were killed but that it was a murder mystery …. The audience laughed, even the questioner.

This year "Evelyn David" will be offering "talks" on crafting mysteries, developing characters, and writing a series. We have presentations suitable for all ages and a few just for teens. We try to provide handouts – bookmarks, lists of "how-to-write" books, and a list of links to on-line writers' groups. The door prize drawing is always a hit.

If an author is scheduled to speak at a library in your home town, go and check it out. You'll have fun, find something interesting to read, and lend some much needed support to your local library system.

And if you're a librarian in Oklahoma or New York (or a surrounding state) and would like a guest speaker, send us an email at If you'll check at our website in our "Libraries Hall of Fame," you can see which libraries we've visited in the last two years. We're setting our speaking schedule for the summer and fall of 2009 now and we'd love to add you to that list!

Evelyn David


  1. Loved your post. Libraries are one of my favorite places to give talks too.


  2. Yeah on the library promotions! I meet so many authors who fret that they won't sell copies at libraries. Often librarians review for publications, or talk up the book to other libraries and book buyers, and get lots of book gifts themselves. A creative library program gets picked up at other libraries. Some libraries can afford to pay speakers. We would much rather have a less known author who is nice and takes time with his/her audience than a big selling one, and we have authors year after year that we really like.

    This librarian already has the great Murder Takes the Cake...

  3. Thanks Amy! Wish your library was within driving distance! So glad you've found space on your shelves for Murder Off the Books.

    aka The Southern Half of Evelyn David

  4. Frankly, libraries are my favorite place to give presentations!