Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Now It's My Turn to Prepare for a Conference

I'll be heading off to Las Vegas (actually Henderson) for the EpiCon tomorrow. Epic is the organization for electronically published writers. http://www.epicauthors.com

Our first stop though, will be to see my sister who lives in Las Vegas. I love going to Vegas for conferences as I can visit my sis and write the trip off. We don't get to see each other often enough and we're the only two left in our immediate family.

I'm going to be giving a presentation on writing mystery series--good topic for me since I write two, the Rocky Bluff PD series and the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series. I'm also on two panels that are going to be for young writers: one is about putting it all together and the other is on World Building or settings.

There will be lots of good presentations to go to also as this conference is really geared for e-publishing and promotion. The publisher of my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series, Dan Reitz of Mundania Press, will be there and it's always good to be able to touch base with your publisher in person.

Like so many cons, I've gone to enough of them that I've made good friends that I'm eager to see again. Lee Emory, Treble Hear Books publisher, is a special friend and we've enjoyed each other at several Epicon. She bravely published my Christian horror novels. Of course there are many others I'm looking forward to seeing.

The conference is located at the Montelongo Resort and it looks like a fun place to explore. I'm not a gambler so that part of Las Vegas never appeals to me.

My books are already packed to the bookstore. Next, it's deciding what clothes to pack--always a major decision. I'll give my sis a call and find out what the weather's like--it'll surely be warmer than it is here.

The next conference for me after this one is Mayhem in the Midlands in May. I've already been contacted as to what kind of panels I'd like to be on. Mayhem is where I first met Susan McBride.

Now, back to packing.



  1. Yes, have a blast, Marilyn! And when you get to Mayhem, you'll have to tell folks "hey" for me!