Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And the Promo Begins

Sometimes I wonder why I do all this. All what? you ask.

Submerging myself in an imaginary world, writing about it, going back over to eliminate inconsistencies, because if I don't find them, someone will. Checking the galley proofs for mistakes and no matter how careful I am, gremlins seem to be at work and sneak them in. And once it's actually available, then the promoting.

Of course this all takes lots of time that you can't be doing normal things like hanging out with the family (though I try to involve them as much as possible--just ask my hubby), doing housework, cooking, visiting with friends.

I don't actually have a book in hand, but they are on the way, and I know it's being advertised on Amazon--though when I looked the cover wasn't up yet.

I've still got to plan and advertise my launch party, put together some promo materials, do some posting here and there, but I do have quite a few speaking engagements set up already. I'll be attending four conferences, only flying to one, the others are close enough to drive. As you've heard from Evelyn, conferences are fun. I've met lots of wonderful people at conferences, Evelyn and Susan for example.

More things to do, so onward I go.

aka F. M. Meredith


  1. Yeah! The cover is up on Amazon.


  2. You go, Marilyn! :-)

    I think I need a nap after reading your post. You are the Energizer Bunny!


  3. Hi Marilyn,

    Congratulations on your new book! I was trying to explain to my mom today why I was wrapping netting around tiny rubber wedding ducks to give away with my books. I'm not sure I convinced her it was a necessary thing. Life as an author is not quite what one might think.

    Good luck with your promotion of "No Sanctuary!"

    aka the Southern Half of Evelyn David