Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Gonna-Be-A-Special Day

My Gonna-Be-A-Special Day
By, Laura Bradford

It's been a little crazy in my world the past month or so, as I worked to finish the tenth book in my Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries. But I've finally done it. Phew!

What's most exciting for me at this moment, though, is the fact that I finished it before the third book in my Amish Mysteries--SHUNNED AND DANGEROUS--launches on Tuesday (March 4th).

For whatever reason, it always seems as if I'm launching a book while finishing up another, which, translated, means I never get to truly enjoy the "launch." It's not that launch day is some super fancy day with parties to mark the occasion, but it's still special in its own way. Or, should be, anyway.

So much of a writer's life is spent isolated. We sit at a computer for hours and days on end, writing. Sure, our characters keep us company, but it's still just us...and a screen.

The release of a book, however, is different. It's that moment when our readers get to read what we spent so long writing. Some, of course, love it, plowing through the words we took months to write in mere hours. Their enjoyment makes us feel good. And then, of course, there are the folks who aren't so crazy about it, and like to let others know how they feel. But to each his own, right?

All too often over the past few years, I've barely been able to pick my head up to do more than register the facts folks are reading. If someone took the time to email me and let me know their thoughts, than I knew. But if not, well, I'd launched books before so no big deal...

Uh, no.

It is a big deal...

For me.

Next week, I'm shaking things up a little bit. I'm actually setting aside Tuesday to relax and enjoy SHUNNED AND DANGEROUS's big day. I may go to lunch...I may bet some frozen yogurt...I may bake something yummy in celebration. And I will most definitely drive to the bookstore and see for myself that SHUNNED AND DANGEROUS is on the shelf.

What do you do to mark a self-milestone?


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