Monday, February 17, 2014

Finding the Reality in Reality Shows

I love competition shows. Top Chef, Project Runway, Biggest Loser, and all the many offshoots. I even watched a season of Big Brother. Now that’s time I’ll never get back. 

But the others are shows that tend to show me the value in determination, talent, and, even, self-confidence. The contestants who do the best are those who know their own story. They know their style and are able to use the challenges as boundaries within which they present themselves through their product.

I’m watching a marathon of this season’s Top Chef right now and am drawn to the chef who knows she’s good, but doesn't trust her knowledge. She’s won a challenge and yet, she’s still her worse critic. Last year she competed to get on the show, but failed. She fought back and earned a spot in this year’s cast. Now, she doesn't believe in her talent.

I see myself through her eyes. Determined, accomplished, but still uncertain at times.

My version of a Quick Fire Challenge - Lynn's Potato Pie

I believe writing, and life even, is like that. The universe gives me boundaries and within those, I am able to play and create my own world. My own stories.

All I have to do is get out of my own way.

Last week my son sent me an old Monty Python recording of a news report following a writer starting a new story. Every word was analyzed by the announcers, even the one’s crossed out. Sometimes my internal editor is like that news reporter. Looking for the amazing when really, a story should be written in private, then edited in public. Writers need to give themselves permission to write crap. Then edit pearls.

Me getting my ticket into the Michael Hauge workshop.

Failure isn’t the end. Its one step in success. Maybe more.

Do you watch reality TV?

Lynn - who really doesn't need another fix to her habit.

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