Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why Does Everything Happen At Once?

Just when it seems all is going well, the bottom falls out!

Our gas heater wouldn't run--of course we've had the coldest weather this year. Gas man was called, he got it going but he and hubby thought it needed new pilot igniter. Couldn't get one until the next day--but hubby did get it fixed.

Granddaughter came over to bake Valentine cake and our bottom oven burned out. Fortunately in the wonderful stove we purchased in 1981, there is a second oven, though it doesn't work quite as well as the bottom one. Cakes got baked though came out a bit lopsided. Hubby found what needs to be replaced, had one, but will have to pull the stove from the wall to fix it.

We had a delightful Valentine Dinner at church Saturday night, great food, fun conversation--everyone told how they'd met, some revealing and surprising stories--all good. Everyone invited to a member's 92nd birthday party after church on Sunday.

Right after service was over, my married granddaughter who had taken kids out for children's church popped in exclaiming, "I need help. The boy's bathroom toilet overflowed and water is everywhere!" Everyone in the Sunday best responded--mops used, water extractor pastor had, etc. Of course this particular bathroom just had a new tile floor put in and the water also soaked the carpet in the hall and seeped into the library.

Hubby and I went to Coffee Etc. for lunch--love the owners, put up poster for my upcoming book launch and ordered cookies for same. Good food, fun conversations with everyone who was there.

Came home, turned on faucet, no water. We are on a well. Always problematic if someone leaves water running. Found out a grandson had stopped by while we were out and washed his hands with outside hose that is on the well and left it running--emptied the well. Problem discovered, faucet turned off. Takes two hours for well to recharge and fill.

Needless to say hubby isn't happy. He'd planned to spend the afternoon reading Sunday paper and watching TV.

But as my mom used to say, when you have troubles you can always find someone worse off than you are.



  1. What a time you've had! I'll knock and wood and say, surely this week will be better!

    Has to be ... uh... right?

    Knocking on wood a second time.

    aka The Southern Half of Evelyn David

  2. Oh, Marilyn, I so relate to this post! Sometimes I think, "If I could just have one week where nothing goes wrong, that would be peachy!" But life seems to enjoy giving us lots of speed bumps to pass over. So long as they're only bumps and not mountains, eh? Hope you've ridden out the worst of them!

  3. Wow, you've had quite a week. I too hope the worst is behind you. And I'm so impressed that your hubby can fix all the things he can!