Thursday, February 19, 2009


During 2007, 814,967 missing person records were entered into the National Crime Information Center's Database.

In 2009, a mysterious gathering of authors present MISSING.

Proceeds from all sales of this book to benefit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
(Missing, Echelon Press LLC, 2009)

A little over a year ago Karen Syed of Echelon Press LLC asked if the collective Evelyn David would consider writing a short story for an anthology – the proceeds to benefit the search for missing children. Of course we agreed. This month Missing debuted at the Love Is Murder conference in Chicago.

17 mystery writers contributed to the book, edited by Amy Alessio, and published by Echelon Press LLC.

The role call of short stories and their authors include:

Missing Andy by Amy Alessio
Gemini by Barbara Annino
Dream Works by Regan Black
Harry's Fall from Grace by Luisa Buehler
Coffee by Rebecca Cantrell
Cleaning up at the Franks by Gayle Carline
Mis-adventures of Guy by Norm Cowie
Riley Come Home by Evelyn David
Signature Required by Susan Gibberman
A Call from Rockford by Robert Goldsborough
An Art Fair in Chicago by Margot Justes
Floaters by J.A. Konrath and Henry Perez
The Cotton Candy Man by Susan Muira
The Right Choice by Tom Schreck
Dog Gone Dog by Michele Scott
Knight Child by J.R. Turner
Caroline Rhodes and the Case of the Fugitive Farmer by Mary Welk

From Riley Come Home by Evelyn David –

"You're too big to get on my lap!"

Mac Sullivan, retired D.C. police detective and newly-minted private eye, pushed the 125-pound female away from him. "It's just thunder."

Big brown eyes gave him an accusing stare. He was getting used to disappointing the women in his life, but he wouldn't put up with any whining from his partner.

"It's just thunder! Go take a nap. Rachel is going to be here any minute and I've still got to finish up the paperwork on the Steele case."

Thunder boomed again, causing Whiskey, his Irish wolfhound, to make another try for his lap, this time settling for a spot on his feet under his desk.

"Oh, for …Will you get out from under there?"

He tried to move his feet without much success. "I told you Rachel was going to be here any minute. We're going out to dinner and I don't want you getting drool all over my slacks."

"Excuse me. Have we come at a bad time?" A woman and man stood in his office doorway. The woman did the speaking. "We're sorry to interrupt …." She looked pointedly at his desk, "But it's a matter of life and death."

Please consider purchasing this book for your personal library. In addition to supporting an excellent charity, it's an opportunity to get to know unfamiliar writers and find new favorites.

If you'd like an autographed copy from Evelyn David, contact us by email.

Title: Missing
Author: Anthology
ISBN: 978-1-59080-611-1
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 344
Price: $16.99 US, $22.99 CA
Echelon Press Direct 410-878-7113
Ingram Book Company
Partners Book Dist. 800-336-3137
Follett Corp. 800-435-6170

Evelyn David


  1. Yeah, it's no fun when your partner wines, er, whines.

    Anyway, this is an awesome book event. You can 'taste' the writings of more than a dozen authors by just reading one book.

    Oh, and I like the collective thing... my id, ego and superego shall be the Collective Norm Cowie

  2. The inspired idea behind the collection was YA Librarian and author Amy Alessio.A very worthwhile effort and great stories-can't beat the combination.

    What's this about wine, er whine?
    Margot Justes

  3. Wonderful post, Evelyn David ladies! Not to mention that you have such a fun story in the anthology. I finally finished my review obligatory reading and am jumping into Murder Takes the Cake! YEAH!!!