Wednesday, February 9, 2022

A Little Red

 by Bethany Maines

Tomorrow is release day for A Little Red, book 1 of my newest series - The 3 Colors Trilogy.  I'm trying several new things with this series. While I've written fantasy before, I've never tried my hand at paranormal romance.  I'm also using a quick release strategy and putting out the entire trilogy within 3 months so that everyone can binge on the completed series like Netflix.  And I'm using a low release week price (¢.99!!). With the new genre and the non-traditional sales strategies I have to admit that I'm nervous for tomorrow.

Those nerves have been a bit mitigated by the early reviews.  Whether or not the series is a sales success remains to be seen, but at least the Advance Readers are thoroughly enjoying the story. 

"This fantastic page-turner is a paranormal romance that sizzled, and it excited and riveted me. The beautiful plot, unique storyline, stylish writing, and careful development of the story and characters locked me in for the entire ride."
– Readers’ Favorite 

The series is a fun, angsty romance trilogy with a trio of siblings as they meet and fall in love with shifter wolves. There are bad guy warlocks, good girl witches, and a few more magical beings roaming around because if I'm going paranormal I'm not stopping with wolves. The fun part about writing this series was trying to establish how each creature and species would interact with our modern world. Of course it also meant debating the proper system of capitalization of supernatural creatures and whether or not wolves liked blueberries.  Although, on the blueberries, I'm completely backed up by science - they do. A Little Red is, of course,  inspired by Little Red Riding Hood and even includes a grandma (don't worry, she lives).  Bringing Little Red and her wolf together was enormously fun, and I'm happy to report that this fairy tale comes complete with a Happily Ever After.  I really enjoyed writing these tales of love, magic, and good vs. evil and I hope readers will enjoy taking the journey with me.  Here's a quick little blurb, to find out more, try the links below.

A Little Red: Scarlet Lucas went out on Halloween dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, but she never expected her boss, the mysterious and ferociously attractive Liam Grayson to turn out to be the Wolf. But when Liam is the victim of a vicious attack that leaves him trapped in wolf form, Scarlet must face down not only warlocks, but Liam’s own pack in order to save him.





Bethany Maines is the award-winning author of the Carrie Mae Mysteries, San Juan Islands Mysteries, Shark Santoyo Crime Series, and numerous short stories. When she's not traveling to exotic lands, or kicking some serious butt with her black belt in karate, she can be found chasing her daughter or glued to the computer working on her next novel. You can also catch up with her on Twitter, FacebookInstagram, and BookBub.


  1. I'm impressed by all the things you are trying - especially since you seem to excel at all based upon the ones I've read.

  2. Congratulations on this exciting new release, and what a clever strategy! I love the titles, the covers, the concept. This could be the start of something big!

  3. I like how you've tied your series together by color. Best of luck with it, Bethany.

  4. Bethany, this sounds delicious! Off to get A Little Red! Here's to a major sale through!!!

  5. Got my copy and look forward to it!


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