Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Holiday Food Rescue

by Saralyn Richard

This is the time of year to think about holiday giving, and this year the need is greater than usual for opening our hearts and our pocketbooks to support worthwhile causes. I don’t mean the robotic ones with unavailable numbers, who call on your phones every five minutes. The charities I’m thinking of are those that meet the needs of people who are hungry, ill, infirm, or under-served in some of their basic needs.

One of the most inspiring of these is Second Servings of Houston, founded in 2015 by my friend Barbara Bronstein. This “food rescue” organization connects those who need food with those who need to dispose of food. Its motto is, “Fighting Hunger. Ending Waste.” In its five years of operation, Second Servings has rescued over four million pounds of food, valued at approximately $40 million, from more than 400 food donors, and delivered it at no cost to over 90 Houston charities. A huge side benefit for the environment is that delicious “party” food has fed people instead of smoldering as toxic waste in landfills.

Every dollar donated to this amazing food transportation organization delivers thirty dollars’ worth of food to someone who is hungry. If this impresses you as much as it does me, check out Second Servings at this link:  https://secondservingshouston.org/donate-now.

When I think of the extravagant nine-course meal served at the Brandywine Valley birthday party in my novel, MURDER IN THE ONE PERCENT, I wish I could donate the leftovers to an organization like Second Servings. Let’s all make our end-of-the-year tax-deductible donations count this year, because we are all in this together!


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  1. Indeed, Saralyn, Second Servings is a godsend. I'll donate today!

  2. Glad you agree, Gay. That's one donation that will do a lot of good for a lot of people.