Thursday, June 18, 2020

Calling Our Readers

Calling Our Readers

By Cathy Perkins

The days leading up to a new release are always hectic for an author. Add in a nerve-wracking pandemic, wrenching racial and political crises, and life can feel downright overwhelming. Other members of our group have posted thoughtful discussions about this turmoil and I hope you will read through those posts and think about their words. Whatever your personal beliefs are, may you be a force for change, a positive note in the chaos. 

Ready for an escape? Without further ado, I bring you Calling for the Money

Cover of Calling for the MoneyHolly Price has it all—or does she?

Holly finally has the dream job at the top of her field, the money and prestige she’s worked so hard to attain. But when a friend disappears while Holly is working a make-or-break career assignment, she’s drawn into another criminal investigation. A ruthless con ring will stop at nothing to extort its victims and her friends are directly in their cross-hairs.

While she's searching for her missing friend, behind the scenes she’s wrestling with a backstabbing boss, a hurtful family situation, and the devastating worry she’s made a massive life choices mistake. When the gangsters target Holly, however, facing certain death has a way of making her reevaluate her life.

Now Holly must confront her painful past in order to redefine her future...and hope she lives long enough to see it.

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Note, each book in the Holly Price Mystery Series is a standalone novel or novella. Although these books can be read individually, they are best enjoyed chronologically.

Holly Price Mysteries:
So About the Money
Double Down
In It for the Money
Calling for the Money
Malbec Mayhem

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