Friday, September 14, 2018

Dancing for You – the Magic of Red Shoes by Debra H. Goldstein

Red shoes have always had a magical place in literature and film. Whether dancing, as in The Red Shoes fairytale by Hans Christian Anderson and the classic movie, The Red Shoes, or being how Dorothy gets home in the Wizard of Oz (the ruby red slippers), red shoes were accorded magical powers. In each story, the protagonist must change and grow before the curse associated with the shoes is lifted and the shoes can finally be removed.

Mysteries traditionally use red blood to signal the occurrence of criminal acts.  Whether pools of blood, blood spatter patterns, or ooze from a wound, readers immediately conjure up images of violence.
When I joined the Stiletto Gang, the logo was a red stiletto heel fashioned with a dagger. It immediately charmed me. I’d found a group of like-minded writers of mystery and romance.

Keeping up with fashion, a few years ago, we updated our heel to a more golden tone with a wider toe box. It was an elegant logo that reflected the composition of the Stiletto Gang, but I missed the internal excited sensation stimulated by the red coloring.

Styles change every season. Authors come and go, but one thing is constant – our relationship with you.

Like fashion, the members of the Stiletto Gang also have evolved.  Our writing is more diverse, sharper, and whether comical, romantic, or pure mystery, more defined. Together, we agreed to modify our shoe to be more reflective of the times and us. 

I was thrilled when our resident graphic guru, Bethany Maines, proposed a red stiletto logo. To me, our new logo is magical.  I hope it will keep you looking for it every day. You see, without you supporting and enjoying our writing, our efforts are for naught. For you, we will gladly dance in the wind indefinitely. Do you like our new red shoes?

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