Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Free Iceland!

Or... Rather, Free & Iceland
by Bethany Maines

Helloooooo from Iceland! I am away on vacation - travelling in the viking founded, former Denmarkian colony, mostly known as Bjork's homeland.

I've learned some fascinating things about Iceland in my scant two days here. For one thing, they don't have family names here; they use one of their parent's names plus the ending dottir or son. So I would be Bethany Raymondsdottir. I have yet to discover how they pick which parent's name to use, but personally, I'm hoping that bribery is involved. (Hear that mom? I'm open to gifts.) The second thing I've learned is that Iceland is passionate about their language and have been pushing to maintain it, keep it, and share it since the 1600's. They've done so well, that even modern Icelanders can read the ancient saga's that were written down starting in the 1200's.

So far the weather has been crystal clear and cold, which has been fantastic for the amount of walking we've been doing. We've walked a great stretch of Reykjavik and our feet our sending up signals that perhaps we should consider using the bus! But we are really hoping that the weather holds through until at least tomorrow since we're off to try and catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights tonight.

Perhaps it's the vacation talking or perhaps it's Valentine's day approaching, but I'm in the best of moods, so all of you will get the benefit. February 13 - 15, The Dragon Incident will be free. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors! And enjoy this tale of Quetzelcoatl, a Bellingham WA strip club, and a soccer game for the ages!


  1. Iceland sounds grand, Bethany! I hope the rest of your visit there is as full of delight as it's been so far. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Thanks for the generous offer - and enjoy Iceland.


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