Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Growing Old Gracefully

How does one grow old gracefully?

I know that I don't really feel old inside--of course it's always a shock when I look in the mirror and this older person looks back at me that resembles a cross between my grandmother and mother.

I can tell my husband is getting older because he just doesn't get much done anymore and he used to be a dynamo. When he watches TV he spends more time asleep than not. He stays up much later than I do, but he's sleeping in his chair while I'm in the bed.

If you'd seen him this past weekend though, he worked as hard if not harder than most of the younger men when we were visiting down in Dana Point at the ill-fated book launch with no books.

He knew how to and helped so many younger people put up and take down their tents who didn't have a clue how to do it. He hauled tables and put tables away. He helped in anyway he could and worked right alongside our host who is thirteen years younger.

I've always had friends who were older than I am, now most of my friends are younger. My older friends have retired to places where older people go and they've taken up leisure activities.

I can't imagine spending my days doing "leisure" activities.

If I'm not writing a book I'm planning a new one. Right now my efforts are all geared toward promoting Dispel the Mist.

Hubby and I have a lot of places to go planned for the next month, places where I'll be promoting but we'll also have fun and visit with some of our younger friends.

Our calendar for next year is filling up too--we're headed for New Orleans for Epicon--New Orleans is some place we've never been before so we're definitely going to do some sightseeing.

We don't plan to stop until we have to--not sure that fits the bill of growing old gracefully, but it will have to do.



  1. Marilyn, I've been thinking about aging lately, particularly with helping my parents move this past week (they're in their seventies, and my mom still acts 40 and my dad acts about 115). I've realized my joints aren't as well-oiled as they used to be, which sucks. Thank goodness I'm not a heavy laborer. The great thing about writing is that we can do it forever (and I think it keeps our brains young!). Thoughtful post as always! :-)


  2. Good luck with your new book, Dispel the Mist!

    I been to New Orleans a couple of times, but not since Katrina. Very interesting city.

    aka The Southern Half of Evelyn David

  3. Marilyn, you're the "youngest" Stiletto Gang member in terms of energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. Bravo on the new book. You're a wonderful role model for all writers.