Thursday, September 13, 2018

Stilettos Make Good Weapons by Juliana Aragon Fatula

My pretty sixty-one-year old feet.

Dear Reader:

This September 2018 the Stiletto Gang describes what it means to be a member of a gang of women who like to write about mystery, murder, mayhem. I decided to go through all of my shoes and count how many high heels I own. 

I've always been a tomboy, so my shoes are mostly boots. But occasionally I like to buy a pair of heels and attempt to wear them in public. I like wearing boots with low heels for the ankle support; however, in my youth I wore stilettos and platform shoes and danced like a woman in her right mind. I had fun dancing in my high heels. Today, I go for comfort and support. I'm 61 and have bad knees and ankles. So I've reluctantly given up the idea of wearing heels but not of giving up dancing. 

Here are some of my shoes and the stories that accompany them:

My cowgirl boots: I dated a few cowboys.
My combat boots: I like to fight.
My irrigating boots: so my feet don't get wet.
My biker boots: I dated a few bikers.
My camo hunting boots: I'm married to a hunter.
My leopard print high top boots: I'm a cougar but couldn't find any cougar boots.
My Uggs: they make me feel warm and cozy.
My hiking boots: I like to hike with my doggies.
My camping boots: I like to camp with my husband.
My gardening boots: I love to play in my Chicana Garden.
My ol' lady boots: They give great ankle support when I have shit to get done.
My moccasins: I dated a few Indians.
My beadwork sandals: they're unique like me.
My funeral shoes: I've been to a few funerals.
My wedding shoes: I love to dance at weddings.
My business wear shoes: I've dated a few businessmen. 
My walking shoes: I go out walking after midnight...
My dancing shoes: Life is too short not to dance like no one is watching.

My sneakers: I have always felt that I need to be able to run at a moments notice. From the boogie man, the cocoman, la Llorona, el cuy cuy…I like sneakers for sneaking.

I like pretty kitten heels with beadwork. I like warm boots and flip flops. I have so many shoes that I forget I have a pair of shoes until I come across them in the back of the closet. I like to shop second hand stores for unique shoes. I like vintage shoes. I like practical shoes. I like shoes that hurt. I like shoes that feel like walking on clouds. I like shoes. But I've retired my stilettos. But my characters wear them and use them for weapons in a pinch. 

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