Monday, September 3, 2018

Red Shoes! The Stiletto Gang's New Look - an Open Clicking Our Heels Letter to Our Readers

Red Shoes! The Stiletto Gang’s New Look– an Open Clicking Our Heels Letter to Our Readers
Dear Readers,

We adore you. It is a joy to know you habitually read our posts directly from our blog page, through an e-mail subscription, or from our Facebook page. Your comments telling us you appreciate the diversity of our writings, backgrounds, and personalities gives us the incentive to write our next blogs. Because you support us, it is our constant goal to provide you with the best experience possible. That means not only the words we give you, but the visual experience, too.

Many years ago, our first logo featured a stiletto and a spiked red heel. A few years ago, we updated our website to reflect the changes happening in fashion and with our bloggers. The result was a new logo, featuring a gold platform shoe. It was beautiful.
From your comments and clicks, we know you are enjoying what we are doing, but we are not willing to stand on the status quo. It is our pledge to continue to produce diverse and edgy writings that let you into our inner thoughts as people and writers. To support this promise and keeping ourselves in the height of style, we are introducing an updated logo:
What do you think?
During September and October, each member of the Stiletto Gang will be writing a blog that reflects our different thoughts on red shoes. Subscribe to the blog, leave a comment on today’s post, comment on the various September and October red shoe blogs, and let your friends know about our logo change and we’ll keep track of what you each do. Check the November Clicking Our Heels to see how we recognize the person who earned the most points doing any and all of these four things the most. Oh, and one more thing - next month Clicking Our Heels will be back to its first Wednesday position and Judy Penz Sheluk's October post will be on the first Monday.

We can’t wait to hear from you. As we said, we adore you. 
The Stiletto Gang

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