Thursday, May 21, 2015

On the Tube (Or, Should I say, Flat Screen)

By Laura Bradford

I'm not a TV watcher.

I suppose some of that is my dislike for sitting still for too long (I feel guilt over all the things I should be doing). And some is simply not wanting to get wrapped up in something that I then have to add to my already brimming to-do list.

That said, there are a few shows over the years that have captured my attention...

1) As a little girl, I was a huge Little House on the Prairie fan. I adored Michael Landon as Pa, and I wanted to be Melissa Gilbert.

2) In 7th and 8th grade, I was a huge General Hospital watcher (Ice Princess, anyone?). My friend, Diane, and I used to talk on the phone after each episode to rehash what happened.

3) In high school, I fell in love with Family Ties (or, more accurately, Michael J. Fox). :)  I never missed a show.

4) In the early 1990's As The World Turns was at its best. Great acting, great actors, great storylines (there was one about a guy with a split personality--Royce, I think--and the actor playing that part was phenomenal) That show was taped while my then-husband and I were at work, and then watched later in the evening.

5) I didn't really latch on to too much in the mid to late 90's, other than Barney. :)

6) I was an original (as in first show, first season) Survivor watcher when that came on the air (it is the only show I watch in real time--my treat). Last night's finale was great! ;)

7) Other than that, my husband and I watch a few shows on DVD. That way, when we have time, we watch an episode. We watched Breaking Bad that way (I hated that show), Dexter, and Castle.

8) I'm a little bit of an HGTV junkie as I'm drifting off to sleep (I have fellow author and former Stiletto Gang member, Maggie Barbieri to thank for this). My favorite is Fixer Upper (I love Chip!).

And that's it. As you can see, that's not a lot, especially when the first 5 of the 8 numbers were pre-2000.

So what are some of your favorites? What am I missing?



  1. I have to say I spend most of my time watching reruns. Seinfeld, I love the Big Bang Theory, NCIS although I haven't watched it lately, Face Off when it's on and Project Runway to name a few. Oh, I did just find one called Flea Market flip, I love it, they have teams that have to buy certain items and rework them to make different pieces to resell, I love seeing what ideas they come up with. I watched Family Ties for the same reason...why are there never any reruns of it or Facts of Life? I think there are two or three stations that run Friends, I liked the show but really? Can they not find something else?

    1. Debbie, you're so right. You can find Friends all over the place, but the oldies...not so much.

  2. We love NCIS at our house, but wait until the season is over so we can watch it on Netflix, and we do that with a lot of others too. We love some of the BBC shows like Call the Midwife.

    1. Marilyn, I, too find it a bit easier to watch a season as a whole (via DVD or Netflix). That way you don't miss things if you can't be in front of the TV at a certain time.