Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Love/Hate Relationship with Oscar by Marilyn Meredith

I've been watching the TV broadcast of the Academy Awards since the first time they came on TV in glorious black and white.

My father worked for Paramount Studios while I was growing up and he had little respect for most of the movie actors. Despite that, our family went to the movies every Friday night to see a double feature.

As a kid I collected movie star photos and autographs. The best place to get them was at radio shows and catching the stars in the parking lot behind the theater where the broadcasts were made.

Things I remember about some of the earlier Academy Award shows (in no particular oder):

Edith Head almost always won for best costume design.

When the guy streaked across the stage at the Oscars--and charming David Niven handled it in elegant stride.

The  many times Bob Hope was the announcer.

(In my opinion, no one does it as well these days as those old timers.)

When Jack Palance did one-handed push-ups.

When Marlon Brando didn't show up for his Oscar, sending an Indian woman in his place.

I saw these all, but only remember Sally Fields, "You love me, you really love me."

And here's the nominees for best picture for this year.


I've only seen The Grand Budapest Hotel, and didn't much like it. Hope to see the others.

Best Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette · Laura Dern · Keira Knightley · Emma Stone · Meryl Streep

I didn't see most of these performances--except for Keira Knightleys and Meryl Streep's in Into the Woods. Of course Meryl was wonderful--but I think the movie itself lacked something.

I usually catch-up on all the nominated movies eventually. Netflix makes it easy to do.

Through the years I've often been disappointed in who and what movie actually wins the Oscar--but who cares what I think? 

So, folks, what are your feelings about the Academy Awards and he nominees for this year?



  1. I haven't cared for any of the Best Movies since 2002's Chicago - but then, I have very specific taste in movies: no scatological humor, no gore, no gratuitous sex/violence, no war glorification, and nothing that wallows in man's inhumanity to man. I get enough of that in the news headlines.

    Is is any wonder I'm not in Hollywood's preferred demographics?

    1. Cyndi, I'm with you on most points. When I go to the movies I want to be entertained.

  2. Marilyn, what a great retrospective and what wonderful memories. I've followed this year's nominees only through the entertainment programs, but hope to see some of the performances before the Oscar presentations.

    1. I'll try to see more of them too. I know I'll watch the awards show--I'm kind of compelled to do so.