Monday, October 14, 2013

Change Ain't Easy

by Evelyn David
For the past six months I've kvetched, whined, worried, and conversely delighted in and even laughed at all the changes in my life. All were for the good in the long run, but that's not to say, that most didn't involve serious hard work.

To recap the last six months:

We prepped, put on the market, and sold our home of 24 years

We bought another home, after a ragged month of haggling over minor details (them, not us)

We moved on a day that topped 95 degrees

We had the house painted and a few minor repairs completed while we lived in this new house

Son number two announced that he'd gotten a fantastic job opportunity. Only downside, at least for this devoted grandma, is that no longer will adorable grandkids be 45 minutes away. Instead they were moving to…wait for it…Paris. Yes, I know, I shouldn't whine about Paris, but do you know how far away Paris is and how much I loathe flying? They move after the first of the year.

Son number three also announced that he had gotten a fantastic job opportunity, only downside is that instead of living 25 minutes away, he would now be living in Seattle. See objections above.

Then there were the glorious moments:

In May, adorable grandson was born. He is the child of son number one and his wonderful wife.

In September, son number three announced his engagement to a wonderful woman.

And ten days later, adorable granddaughter #2 was born (to son number 2 and his wonderful wife who are moving to Paris).

Seriously, can you keep up? I can't.

So, with all this change in my real life, I am now faced with another move, this time a virtual one, in my mystery writing life. The Stiletto Gang, of which we are proud founders, is moving to Facebook. It's an easier way to connect to readers.

Writing this blog has been a lovely way to memorialize some special moments in our personal and professional lives, as well as to get off our chests some issues we feel need addressing. And you know what? We still plan to do that – just on Facebook. If you haven't already, please "like" our new page, The Stiletto Gang. Stop by, chat, and catch up on all that's happening with our gang.

All best wishes,

Marian, the Northern, frazzled half of Evelyn David

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  1. And I can attest you've handled it all with grace and aplomb. Maggie

  2. Wow, you have had some major life changes. Take a deep breath and enjoy the new house.

  3. Marian, which son is the journalist? Paris, wow!