Friday, October 18, 2013

Actually, You Can Go Back

By Laura Bradford

"You can't go back."

That's an expression I bet we've all heard at one point or another. But, honestly, other than the obvious time travel back into the past (where I'd revisit every moment of my daughters' lives all over again if I could), I don't think that statement is entirely true.

Four years ago, I moved to New York from my beloved St. Louis. I've been back to visit several times since and I pick back up with my friends as if no time has passed.

Eight years ago, I released my very first mystery in my very first series. Two years later, I released what I thought was the final tale for those original characters.

I was wrong.

After hearing from fans of that first series (which got a second lease on life last year when I got back the rights and re-released them with new covers/titles/prices on E-book), I finally decided to sit down with Elise Jenkins and Mitch Burns and see if they had more story potential.

They did.

And so, I went back.

Today's official release of DEADLY AMBITION (book # 4 in the Jenkins & Burns Mysteries) givesnow, five years after we left them.
those fans a chance to see what Elise and Mitch are up to

They're still living in Ocean Point, New Jersey (my fictional beachside town). Elise is still a reporter for the local paper, and Mitch is still a police detective. Oh, and they're married now.

When it came time to consider a plot for the novella, I found the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy (Hurricane Geraldine in the book) a believable place to begin.

And the rest? Well, it all just fell into place like it does when I get together with old friends.

So if you're looking for something quick to read this weekend, you might enjoy visiting with my old friends. They're easy to get to know.

But in case you need a little more information, here's a closer look:

In the aftermath of the most destructive hurricane to hit the Jersey Shore in a century, Elise Burns and the other residents of Ocean Point are doing their best to recover and rebuild, which is why the recent string of robberies hits everyone especially hard. Fuming to catch the thief preying on those who have already suffered so much, Detective Mitch Burns will stop at nothing to solve the crimes.

When another robbery turns to murder and a college student who’s interning at Elise’s newspaper is caught with the murder weapon in his hand, Mitch is convinced it’s an open-and-shut case. Elise knows the brash and ambitious aspiring reporter would go to any lengths to get a story, but was he a killer? Following clues from the intern’s notebooks and her own reporter’s gut sense, she sets out to track down a thief and a killer and exonerate a suspect she doesn't even like—even if she has to put herself in harm’s way to do it.

DEADLY AMBITION is available for 99 cents wherever E-books are sold.

Happy Reading!


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