Monday, February 11, 2013

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out

By Evelyn David

Well Timothy Leary of LSD fame advised us to do all three, but hubby and I only managed the last – we totally dropped out of our fast-paced, over-packed, multi-scheduled lives for one week. We took a cruise.

A few days after Christmas, my better half and I started talking about needing to get away, to recharge our batteries which had been running on empty. It's been an incredibly busy time, both personally and professionally – but heck, when isn't it? Still, I was surprised when he suggested we go to a travel agent and see what our options were.

Now here's the rub. Hubby makes an albino look like an ad for Coppertone. Red-haired and fair, he is very susceptible to sun poisoning. Don't ask about our 25th wedding anniversary trip – let's just say, fever and swollen legs the size of elephants put a damper on the celebrations – and yes, he was wearing sunscreen at the time!

So it seemed foolish to go to some island with the expectation that we would lie in the sun for a week.

"What about a cruise," father of my four children asked.

"Who is this guy," I answered. "A cruise? What would you do?"

"Sleep, eat, read," he assured me. "Wander around islands when we dock."

Now came the hard part. Nope, it wasn't choosing which cruise because his work schedule dictated the only week we could go and so the choice was made for us. No, the real issue was me getting on a plane in order to get to the ship. See, if you don't go out of Florida or Puerto Rico, you'll spend two days getting to warm weather. Leave from points South and you start off in shorts and sleeveless tops.

Those of you who know me understand that I loathe flying (notice that suggests that I don't like it, as opposed to being terrified the entire time and personally holding up the plane through my grip on the arm rests). But I looked at hubby, who really did look tired – and I acted as though me flying was no big deal (which neither he nor any of my kids believed – so much for my acting ability).

When did I know that this cruise idea was a winner? The moment my feet crossed the gangplank. There were a host of people offering me champagne, chocolate, and an unending buffet. Seriously, did they know I was coming or what? The stateroom with a small balcony was perfectly appointed with a queen-sized bed, large closet, a private bath the size of the one I have at home – and two stewards to clean and bring us fresh towels, room service, and chocolate on our pillows each night. And no, we didn't have the most expensive room on the ship – not by a longshot.

The food was delicious and way too plentiful. My husband quickly slipped into the "I paid for it, I'm eating it – and by the way, are you finishing yours, if not, I will" culture. If he went more than two hours without a snack, he claimed he was getting peckish. The ship had a two-story library – we each read three books over the 7-day cruise. There was a casino (I won $6.20 playing the penny slots). Husband won a bracelet by taking a free raffle ticket, stuck into his hand while on his way to yet another snack. He gave me the jewelry and headed off to the buffet. I passed on the opportunity to learn the steps to Gangnam Style, which I confess, I regret.

We wandered around the islands, saw a butterfly farm where I learned that Eric Carle has been lying to me all these years. Seems that the very hungry caterpillar did not build a cocoon, instead he built a chrysalis (moths, not butterflies, construct cocoons). But in my relaxed cruise state, I accepted that Eric Carle was exercising artistic license.

While I checked my email a couple of times a day, hubby turned off his phone when we walked up the gangplank – and didn't turn it back on for seven days. He was the most relaxed I've ever seen him and we've been married forever. Among his forays on the ship was to a presentation on future cruises.

But we're back now – amidst freezing temps and snowy days; no more stewards, waiters, or fruity cocktails with little paper umbrellas. But most of all, our batteries have been recharged. We don't want to drop out – except for maybe once a year.

Ship Ahoy!

Marian, the Northern half of Evelyn David   



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  1. I love cruises. The last one we went on was to celebrate our 60th anniversary. We always head south to Mexico and mostly stay aboard ship. I did a lot of reading, but it was on my Kindle. The eating is always wonderful. Didn't do much checking of my email because of the cost. Glad you had such a relaxing time.

  2. Obviously, I love cruises - I've written 2 novels set on a cruise. :) And I absolutely loved your post - felt like I was right there with you.

  3. Sounds delightful! I'm so glad you had a good time. Maggie

  4. Your cruise sounds wonderful, Marian! I'm so glad you had the chance to get away and recharge. Wish we here could do it. Makes it easier to deal with the snow and cold, etc., doesn't it?

  5. Marian, it sounds as though you took a perfect cruise. And I think it was just what was needed. Glad you enjoyed.

  6. Thanks so much Marilyn, Kathy, Maggie, Linda, and Annette. It was a really lovely trip -- and given the cold, sleet, rain, and fog of today's weather -- a nice memory to return to frequently :-)


  7. Marian, sounds like you had a blast. I've been on several cruises myself and I love the relaxed pace. It really does recharge your batteries!! Welcome home!